Cull Hunt In Romania

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    Cull hunt in Romania

    12 Animals for each hunter, fabulous 4 star accomodation lodge, excellent nightlife.
    • Hunting season from 1th of September until the 15th of February.
    • Spot and Stalk.
    • 100% Success rate for cull hunting in Romania.
    • A lot of shooting action as 12 roe does are included in the price of the package.
    • You can combo with wild boars hunting.


    Cull hunting in Romania
    For those wanting to hunt Romania on a budget, yet experience the fabulous level of service and hospitality that our country is famous for, this is it! This cull hunting package it is a roe deer hunting that includes 12 roe deer females and 3 full days of hunting in Romania in a hunting area that is chock full of animals. You will have the time of your life while not breaking the bank.This cull hunting package in Romania will take place in 20000 hectares of most plain hunting areas located very close to a major city in Romania, named Timisoara. You will stay in a fantastic 4 star lodge and experienced some of our finest Romanian cuisine. The hunted area has many other species including huge wild boars that can be hunted also for a low price.

    The package for roe doe hunting in Romania is for minimum 4 hunters but maximum 6 as we only have 4 guides available.

    Best period is during the end of October and beginning of November when all the crops have been harvested and you can spot the deer much more easily.

    Shooting distance can vary from 30 meters to over 200 meters but with those big number of animals you will decide what is the maximum shooting range. The price of only 1800 euro all included, luxury accommodation condition and the amount of 12 does included in the price makes from this package one of most wanted one, so make sure you book in advance.

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    How many days hunting?

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