Craddock Drilling Belt from African Sporting Creations

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    Get it while it's hot! The new Craddock Drilling Belt from Els & Co.

    Craddock Drilling Belt
    Els & Co

    craddock-drilling-belt.jpg craddock-drilling-belt-3.jpg

    About this Product

    The Drilling Belt is cut from full grain leather and is painstakingly hand stitched by Els & Co's team of local craftswomen. To ensure durability and comfort, they use solid cast brass while the inside of the belt is padded and suede lined for extra strength and a soft luxurious finish. The Cradock has an adjustable end that sets it apart from most belts of it's type. It is quick to adjust when shedding your thick jacket, so no time wasted fiddling with your belt. Should size become an issue, it is an easy fix...just replace the adjustable belt tip. No need to buy a new belt.

    Each belt is fully adjustable belt and is available in three sizes: Small 37-42"; Medium 42-47"; & Large 47-53".

    The leather loops which secure your rounds can be custom made to fit 12G, 16G, 20G, 28G & .410 caliber. Els & Co shapes these to fit 6 shotgun rounds on your belt. They also added a thick leather strip to the bottom edge of your belt to stop the rounds from falling through the loops.

    The Somerset Cartridge Pouch is integrated into the belt, giving you the capacity to carry up to 10 rounds. Just like the Eastern Cape's rugged mountains and open plains, The Somerset boasts the balance between simplicity and sturdiness. The leather loops guide each cartridge through the elastic loops ensuring that it fits securely at the bottom of your pouch.

    craddock-drilling-belt-2.jpg craddock-drilling-belt-back.jpg

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