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    Good day gents,
    As I have posted before I'm still in need of some leads on a new concession or two. I've hunted the past 10 years primarily in SA, and my repeat clients have run out of things to shoot and are tired of hunting my same farm. I've hunted in Namibia and Tanzania for several years, but would really like to have some consistency in where I hunt. I need somewhere I can leave my bakkie and personal equipment safely between hunts. I want a place I can bring my hunters, that I can guide them, I can use my company name, and treat and handle people how I tell them they are going to be treated. I completely understand the need to hunt with someone from that consession, my point is I understand that your PH may be there, but how we hunt, stalk, track, follow up, etc. I would like to do it the way I have for years. I don't want to be with this PH this trip that sets baits like this and the next trip this one thinks I should build a blind here. It's kind of like a game scout in Tanzania they are there, but as long as what I'm doing is legal and right they don't tell me that we should shoot this or that animal.

    I've been screwed over twice in SA before I bought my own place by chaps that just wanted a booking agent and access to my hunters, so I'm a bit cautious of who I deal with. I'm good to work with and treat everything as if it is mine and I certainly understand the need to have your PH and people around to ensure that your interest are protected, but as far as how my clients hunts go I have a way I like to do things.

    My main needs are things outside of the typical Kudu, Springbok, Blesbok, Eland, Wildabeest stuff I have in SA. I need buffalo, lion, leopard, 4+ Elephant a year plus plains game not to common to every farm in SA. I understand that it is impossible to have one block that can produce all of the animals that I need for a season, I just mean that I would like to have one person or two that I answer to, I don't mind hunting in the Moyowosi for part or all of one safari and then going south of the Salous for another depending on what I need. I just want to be able to tell people in advance where we will be, know the area, and animals for myself. I just don't want to be hunting a different place 10 times a season.

    Again I don't mind Zambia, and I love Tanzania and know how to hunt it well, or Mozambique. I don't mind having to go between countries, like I said I just don't want to have to travel to new places I've never been every single time for the next several years!

    I need prices that are fair and that I can still make a profit with. I don't mind paying for all my expenses ie. diesel, food, workers, etc. from start to finish.

    Please feel free to email me at with any contacts, offers, or ideas. Cheers!

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