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So.... I currently have two handguns that I regularly carry.

First is my S&W 500 4" that I carry fishing, rafting, hiking, anywhere that activities may include brown bears or moose with attitude and I am not actually hunting them. Use a chest holster or a belt holster depending on the activity. I Love the hand cannon and it serves its purpose, but it's not so good for "concealed carry". Anybody that is looking can see it from 50 yards away no matter how it's carried and it weighs a ton.

Next is my Beretta 92fs 9mm. Also love this gun. 15rd mags and easy to operate. I carry it every day anywhere activities may include people with attitude, in my vehicle, in my day pack, travels with me, and occasionally on my belt if hiking. It pretty much goes anywhere that I don't want to carry the .500. The downside is that it's also kinda big for real "concealed carry". And I don't really carry it as much as I want for that reason.

So... I am thinking that it's time to buy something that is more concealed carry friendly. That I can carry on my belt or in a shoulder holster under an over shirt without much fanfare. I am thinking a about a Derringer snake slayer 45lc (the one with the trigger guard) or maybe a smaller model Beretta 9mm. A good 1911 might be ok too, but I am thinking something smaller, maybe a small .38 revolver??

So the question is... What are you guys carrying, and how are you carrying it??? Recommendations??
Everyone will have their own opinion on this, for sure. I have carried a Springfield Armory 3".40SW XD Subcompact. Easy to conceal, reliable, not to bad on the recoil.
I bought a Ruger LCP in 380 a few years ago. Very small, light, concealable. I hate shooting it. Trigger has about a mile of travel before firing. Grip is so small you get about 2 fingers around it. After firing two mags, I put it down and don't fire it again. I have been thinking about upgrading to either a Ruger LC9s or a Walther CCP

Review on the Ruger LC9s:
Review on the Walther CCP:

If you want to consider a concealable revolver, the Ruger LCR in either 38 Spec or 327 Fed looks interesting.
Three things to consider when thinking about buying, carrying a handgun.
What are you carrying for? Brown bear or self defense against person, big difference in what you need.
What are the laws concerning when you can use it. Most people have no idea when it is legal to shoot a person.
And last...train, train, train. particularly if you are carrying one for self defense. If you can't shoot well what you carry, then go to a smaller caliber. You can carry a fairly large handgun concealed in a center of back holster, even a 3 inch Colt or Kimber .45, but you usually can't train with it on any public range, because you have to wave people to your right when drawing the weapon. (if you are right handed).
A YouTube channel Hickok45 covers many of the conceal carry handguns. It's a good place to do research on this subject.
Walther PPK, S&W Mod 60, on the small side.

A 3" S&W Mod 66 or a Glock 19 are a nice choices too, but a bit larger.
i carry a walther ppk in 380 with cor-bon jacketed ammo.

002 (12).JPG
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I carry a S&W, M&P .40. 4" Barrel with thumb safety. Blackhawk paddle holster with locking release.
This is what I carry every day that I get up, I believe you have seen the baby glock in action during a rabbit charge in north Texas! Let me explain the items below.
1. Glock 17 9mm in local made ISP holster, very comfortable and does not show the pistol 17+1 in the iron +1 mag

2. Glock 42 380 in Blackhawk pocket holster 6 +1 in the pistol +1 mag

3. Kershaw chive for opening boxes and such.

4. ProTech automatic for opening gangbangers and such.

5. Keys, Chapstick, watch and pen are self explanatory.

6. Trojan Condom is just in case I run into a democrat so I can return the favor that they have been doing to me for the last 7 years.

Merry Christmas my friend,
I carry an HK45C, which I believe to be a tack driver! I use the Raven Concealment holster which hides the gun well enough to carry to work even. It is .45 act, has a 8 or 10 round magazine, and is currently used by the Navy Seals. The reason I throw that did bit of info in this, is so you will look up the SOCOM test that this gun had to endure! It is absolutely bullet proof! The HK45C also has a recoil reduction system that keeps the muzzle on target for fast follow up shots. Great iron I never leave home without.

You’ll be hard pressed to find me out and about without at least one of these little buggars on my person. Clockwise from top left:

Ruger LCR-22 LR 8 shot Revolver with Crimson Trace Lasergrips

North American Arms 22 LR Mini-Revolver

North American Arms 22 Magnum with Custom Carry flip & grip pocket clip holster

Smith & Wesson Airweight Nickel 38 Special (my unquestionable all time favorite!)

And it’s evil twin black brother from another mother that I was lucky to find and by from a Texas cop, also a 38 Special S&W Airweight.

Merry Christmas!
S W 38 special airweight, the only thing it will deafen you when you shoot it. one is ported ,the other is not.
Ruger Blackhawk 45 LC when in the woods. Forrest
I don't often carry, but when I do... a Bersa Thunder .32 ACP, a Polish P64 in 9 Mak, a Star BM 9mm (Commander size), PPK/S .380, Ruger Security Six .357 3"bbl., and for a bigger punch, a newer STI Lawman 4.0 also Commander size in .45ACP. These and a couple others will do what needs doing. This is of course for human gremlins, for woods bumming or hunting I have other more common suitable weaponry.
I carry a S&W 9MM or my old
38 Stubby not real accurate but it makes a lot of noise. The 9 is a bit heavy but I like the DBL/Single action

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