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At Limcroma Safaris, we strive to provide the total African experience that includes so much more than just fantastic hunting. The Els Family, along with the entire Limcroma staff, have a deep sense of community & family, and it has always been very important for us to give back as often as possible.

Over the years, we have supported various benevolent programs including our support of the Sekgweng Intermediate School which is a large part of the Limcroma Community Project. As a guest of Limcroma, you will be able to participate in this very enriching and rewarding experience with the opportunity to visit and participate first-hand in our endeavors.

During your community visit, you will be accompanied by a representative to escort you to personally meet and get to know the children at the local school which was founded in 1976 by one of the local farmers. The school has been supported and maintained by private donations ever since. Most of the students are from the local Tswana tribes, and their parents lack long-range transportation. Therefore, the majority of these children stay in the school's hostel. Guests will be afforded the chance to donate various essential goods and supplies including much appreciated game meat taken from their own safaris.

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It's no secret that at Limcroma Safaris we put families, and especially children, high on our priority list. In combination with game drives and photo safari options around Limcroma's lodges, our latest addition to our non-hunting activities list is our Nature Conservation Education Program. This consists of an interactive, fun-filled, one-day activity where our qualified field guide will host our guests on an educational bush outing.

We believe it is the responsibility of all hunters to educate the young, future outdoors men/women on how this intricate system that we call nature works. During this excursion, we will explain how every living creature plays its own vital role in a healthy ecosystem. Participants will learn that a tiny dung beetle has just as important of a role in the ecosystem as an elephant or lion.

A normal day of NCE will consist of a game drive where some general information will be given on insects, birds, trees, and the native mammals. The guide will also introduce guests to bush survival techniques, tracking techniques, and a bush lunch. There will be lots of hands-on participation as well as some fantastic photo opportunities. Even though our goal is to educate the young outdoors folks, everyone is welcome to join in on one of these NCE outings.

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