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Dec 23, 2014
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My 74 year old father has decided he wants to kill a bull elk. I will be accompanying him on this hunt. Looking at Colorado. We missed the draw so we will need over the counter tags. I am looking at outfitters and it is so hard to distinguish the good from the bad. They all make great websites! Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks for any advice! Michael
Michael, I've lived and hunted in Colorado most of my life. Taking a bull on public land, in a DIY hunt with leftover tags is a tough proposition - not impossible, but definitely a very long shot, especially if you don't know the area where you're hunting. I certainly don't know all of the outfitters (that's probably impossible) but I'll be glad to share what I can - PM me.
P.S. you posted your message under "Deals and Offers" rather than on one of the forums. The good news is that your post gets featured on the home page. I'd suggest that you make another post on the Hunting USA & Canada forum.
Might I suggest you look at Unit 4 in New Mexico. It's all private land in that unit. They're lots of outfitters working in that unit. The larger ranches will have the biggest bulls and also have the highest prices. If you go with a smaller outfitter, that has access to smaller properties of the cost will be cheaper, but the bulls will not be very big. Your odds are very high for taking a bull in that unit. That said, Chama is right at 8000 feet, and you go up from there. Some folks have a hard time at that elevation and that's generally the starting elevation for altitude sickness. The outfitter I used who lives there was huffing and puffing the whole time, while I walked right up. They had some ranches where you could sit and wait for a bull to be called in that did not require a long walk and fairly level.
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