Cleaning Out Ammo - 416 Rem Mag, 308 Norma Mag, 7mm Rem Mag, 22-250 & 220 Swift For Trade


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May 14, 2019
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NE Wisconsin. USA
Hello Everyone. Cleaning out the ammo I don’t have rifles for. Looking to trade for .375 H&H and .338 Win Mag. Would also consider quality 30-06 PG oriented ammo.
I have the following to trade. Please message me if you want any specifics on any of the ammo. Here is what I have to trade:

.416 Rem Mag - 2 full boxes of Federal Premium Cape-Shok 400 grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer

7mm Rem Mag - 110 rounds boxed ammo is in good condition, the loose 16 rounds are in good to poor condition.
34 rounds Remington 175gr Core-Lokt PSP
14 rounds Federal Premium 150gr BTSP
16 rounds Norma 175gr Round Nose Soft Point
20 rounds Winchester 175gr Soft Point
26 rounds rounds misc
110 rounds total

308 Norma Mag - 30 rounds of 180gr SP Norma Brand

220 Swift - 7 full boxes (140 rounds) of Norma brand 220 Swift ammo loaded with 50gr SP.

22-250 Remington - three full boxes of Federal Premium 55gr BTHP ammo (excellent condition) and 13 rounds of Remington 55gr Power-Lokt HP ammo (some brass tarnished here or there but I'd still run them through my rifle if I owned a 22-250).

Will try to post some picture tomorrow. Now the fine print stuff - only the 48 States minus California. We each pay to ship our ammo to the other.
Ken, I'd be interested in purchasing the 308 Norma Mag. Please send me a PM with details if you are willing to sell it.
PM sent
Interested in the 220 Swift ammo if still available
Following ammo is still available.

7mm Rem Mag (pics 5 and 6 with 6 showing the rounds with any corrosion on them)

22-250 Remington (pics 1 & 2)

220 Swift (pics 3 & 4)

Would prefer to trade but if you don’t have any of the requested ammo to trade, feel free to shoot me a cash offer.

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22-250 and 220 Swift ammo spoken for.

7mm Remington Magnum ammo still available. If you want to throw a cash offer at me instead of a trade, just PM me.

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