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Claws From Hell
by my dog Scooter

Hi, I'm Scooter and thought I'd try and write a story. This is about the time Deena [mom] and Ed [dad] took me on one of their hunt's for anything. This took place in CAL during the colder weather. We were looking for pig and having no luck so decided to stop for a little varmint calling.


We were riding the quads, two Honda 300 4x4's. As usual I was riding in my basket on front of mom's quad. All of a sudden something grey went running out in front of us and dad was sliding to a hault. Mom was yelling, what's that?The thing was about as big as I am so I bailed out of my basket and went after it. Dad's kind of slow so I passed him up easy, my mistake, grey went into the big bush off the trail and I followed, oh, oh that thing was waiting for me and it wasn't impressed that I used to hunt pig before I retired, it started hissing and showing teeth bigger than mine, it also had the longest claws I'd ever seen, I started looking for dad just as grey was coming for me, BANG, dad showed up just in the nick of time, I was going to show claws a thing or two.

I went over to the thing and started to grab a mouthful when oop's, he's still alive and snarling and biting and clawing the hell out of me. Dad's yelling something I cant understand and this guy is tougher than any pig I ever went after. So, it's time to GO!!! Right between dad's leg's I go and bang, one more shot. I slide to a halt and look back to see if the demon from hell is still after me, nope, look's like dad saved the day. I figure I need to redeem myself so I go up to grey and grab a big mouthful and try to shake the crap out of this thing, no luck, it's too heavy so I settle for dragging it around for awhile and growling.

This seems to make mom and dad happy, everybody is laughing and the camera comes out and I'm the star of the show. That's my story on my most exciting day. Never did find out what that thing was.

Scooter Folmar

Oh, bye the way, dad used a Smith & Wesson Trail Boss in 44 mag to take out the CLAWS FROM HELL!

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