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CIC Awards in 2014
by Johann-Hendrik Mohr

The CIC awards the following prizes: Markhor Award, Edmond Blanc Prize, Photographic Prize, Hunting in Art Prize and the Literature Prize. These prizes have proven to be a valuable instrument to present internationally hunting, the CIC and sustainable use. They also support good hunting practices.

Although all CIC-Prizes are highly valued in the conservation community, the CIC Markhor Award is internationally the most recognized prize. It honors a conservation project of multinational relevance that links the conservation of biodiversity and human livelihoods through application of sustainable use principles.

The CIC Markhor Awards of the recent years have drawn the international attention to the honored projects and the local people involved and makes their conservation success through sustainable use worldwide visable. This is the most important value of the prize. An international jury headed by the CIC president select the winner from the nominated candidates. The award is granted every two years at the occasion of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The prize was awarded for the first time in 2008 to the Niassa National Reserve in Mosambique, which is the largest conservation area in the country funded through sustainable hunting tourism and to the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor which links the Niassa Reserve with Tansania's Selous Game Reserve.

In 2010 the prize was handed over in Nagoya, Japan to the Torgar Conservation Program (TCP) of the Society for Torgar Environmental Protection (STEP) in Pakistan. They host the rare Markhor mountain goats, which were saved from near extinction by sustainable hunting tourism. In 2012 the winner came from Africa. The Namibian Communal Conservancies Program was honored with the prize in Hyderabad, India.

The next CIC Markhor Award will be handed to the winner in Seoul, South Korea at the 12th Conference of Parties of CBD October 2014. Next year also the CIC Photographic Prize will be awarded and handed over to the winner during the 2014 General Assembly in Milan, Italy. The Award Selection Criteria will be published in the near future and then the second most important part of the process should start: the search for appropriate candidates.

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