Cheap hunts? Cull hunts or budget packages

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CBH Australia, Sep 28, 2019.

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    Good points above, the sort of pricing Ridge Runner is quoting is probably what I think you need to set off. If I can come in under it that’s better.
    Spending say $20,000 to bring home a trophy is hard for me to justify to myself kids or not. Agreed there is more to the experience.
    I did see a link to an outfitter here in Romania with wild boar driven hunts. If I read correctly there are good numbers and no big fees for getting them. In other parts the biggest ugliest hairiest pigs in the world are cheap to hunt and they then calculate the trophy cost on the dead animal after it’s shot. Like you another going to watch the big one go past, trophy hunter or not.
    Sika98 has a nice Gemsbok, the long straight horns look good but I don’t want to bring it home.
    He has hunted some European countries, I never considered England, Ireland and Scotland as hunting destinations. I never considered Romania either.
    I always sort thought of Africa and America as hunting destinations Lions and Bears. Both out of my budget. Maybe a Zebra rug,
    If I have limited overseas travel in my time I would like to see different places. But they say the Africa bug bites hard.
    I shot a Fallow Buck, made a Euro Mount and gave it to a person who decorates them. I ate the other Fallow i shot.

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    CBH, the Namibian outfitters will correct me if I'm wrong but hunting season in Namibia starts Feb and ends in November so January is out for Namibia.
    ThenJan in South Africa is mostly rain season which is not a moonsoon but typically late afternoon showers that might waste hunting time. Then most animals will have new young ones so you will have to concentrate one getting lone male animals away from herds. Then the Cape is not Africa as you would imagine but a bit further east and north you will find good hunting in the Eastern Cape. It will be green and thick and quite challenging.
    There is my couple of cents worth thrown in.
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