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    I have two openings of one week in between two major safaris which I could give out to a hunter on a special price.

    Date: March 31st to April 7th, 2011 (5 full days of hunting)

    Set-up: 1x1 or 2x2 also possible as two PHs are free.

    Game possible to take:
    1 Giant Forest Hog
    1 Buffalo
    1 Hartebeest or Waterbuck (depending on quota available at the time of the hunt)
    1 Bushbuck
    1 Red river hog
    1 Warthog
    1 Oribi
    1 Yellow back duiker
    1 Peters duiker
    1 Red flanked duiker
    1 Bush duiker
    1 Blue duiker
    1 Baboon

    Price: 8000 Euro

    All included appart from the international air-line fares, visa, trophy fees and transitary fares for export of trophies (pls, note dip and pack is included)

    As the hunt is only for one week, I don't give any shot oppotunity guarantee on the Giant Forest Hog, but I'd say that the hunter has in this time of the year approx 80% chance of getting one in 5 days of hunting. A hunter beeing somewhat able to walk properly + shoot well, should be able to take 4-5 game.

    All the best and we stay in touch.

    Erik Mararv

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    RSA, CAR, Canada, Alaska
    I've personally hunted with CAWA and Erik twice. Great camp, good food and a LOT of game.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. And no, I'm not a booking agent or have any incentive. Just had a great time with them.

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