Captain Gadget and his Barrel Coolers

Mark A Ouellette

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Dec 22, 2018
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I was working up loads for my Krieghoff Classic 500-416. For this, I loaded both H4831SC and H1000 pushing 400 grain soft points and Nosler Partitions between 2290 and 2370 feet per second. The weather was a sunny 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a breeze. It was a very pleasant day to experience the satisfying and repeated sensation of excessive recoil!

This exercise confirmed that I must send my rifle off to be regulated. It is what it is… All the loads I shot today were however very consistent regardless of powder, bullet, or velocity. I want this 500-416 to be a 200-yard capable double for those “when necessary shots” at plains game. I have no doubt she will handle solids at 50 yards, most anything at 100, and my best loads at 200. I always want my equipment to be better than I am, or at least as good as my best day!

The photos include my back field 50 yard set up.
Next are a couple my pair of rechargeable air pumps/blower with pieces of surgical tubing to force cooling air through the barrels. The air flow cools down barrels fairly fast.

I am often Captain Obvious but I admit that I am also Captain Gadget!

20230923 Kgun on Range-2.jpg
Dual Barrel Coolers 3-2.jpg
Dual Barrel Coolers 5-2.jpg
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Oh, Captain Gadget! Sweet setup!

Where do we source a fan such as that?


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Many thanks Mark! I just ordered mine! Brilliant!
I am retired - I can take the time to let them cool - but that is pretty darn nifty. :A Way To Go:
Now if I just loop the surgical tubing in a plastic box filled with dry ice…….

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