Caprivi cancelled hunt due to long term illness

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    This offer presented by Theo ( SkinAfrika )and Denise (Van Heerden Safaris)
    Hunting in Namibia
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    This hunt was cancelled due to long term illness and full deposit paid back by a sympathetic outfitter.
    Only this one left. When advertised before 2 packages went quickly! Contact now. When you snooze you loose!:bolt:

    O/U Buffalo & O/U Hippo Hunt for 2013: (Community and WWF Driven)
    Only Available Dates for this hunt:
    Arrival in Windhoek: 06/04 or 07/04 or 08/04/2013 & Departure: 16/04 or 17/04 or 18/04/2013
    (Time when most crop damages occur!)

    Caprivi Hunt Itinerary:
    Day 1: Arrival in Windhoek Int. Airport & Transfer (45 minutes) to hotel in Windhoek, Namibia.
    Day 2: Early morning transfer to Eros Airport (10 minutes drive from hotel) in Windhoek.
    Flight to Katima (3 hours with stopover in Rundu). Transfer (1 1/2 hours) to hunting camp by vehicle in the Caprivi.
    Lunch in camp and sighting off the rifle.
    Day 3 - 9: Hunt in Caprivi - 7 hunting days for O/U Buffalo & O/U Hippo and limited plains game.
    Day 10: Lunch in camp. Transfer to the Katima Airport. Flight back to Windhoek. Arrival late afternoon. Overnight in Windhoek.
    Day 11: Departure from Windhoek - International flight home.

    Arrival / Departure day in Namibia: Pick-up from Windhoek Int. Airport (45 minutes drive) / from Eros Airport in Windhoek (10 minutes drive) > Transfer to Hotel > Hotel accommodation > Transfer the next morning to Eros Airport in Windhoek (10 minutes drive) / to Windhoek International Airport (45 minutes drive) - +/- USD 165.00 (we will gladly book this on your behalf). Arrival and departure = +/- USD 330.00 / person

    Non-Trophy Buff/Hippo Hunt daily rate (1:1 Base):
    2 days (arr & dep) + 7 hunting days = USD 5,425.00 + Buffalo shot fee USD 3,000.00 + Hippo shot fee USD 1,900.00 = Hunt Total USD 10,325.00 per hunter
    Plains game trophy animals will be charged as per list.

    Grand Total: USD 10,655.00 per hunter.
    Plains game hunted.
    Air Namibia's scheduled flight to Katima
    Meals & drinks at the hotel in Windhoek
    Air Namibia scheduled flights: from Eros Airport in Windhoek to Mpacha Airport in Katima Mulilo (approx. $ 450.00, return trip). Flights depart from Windhoek in the morning and return from Katima in the afternoon. Currently flights are on Mondays - Sundays except Saturdays. The price of this flight might be drastically reduced when booked in connection with an Air Namibia flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Windhoek, well in advance. The accommodation in Windhoek(bed and breakfast) on arrival and departure day is highly recommended as Air Namibia changes the Katima flights' schedule very often and the flight is regularly not on time.

    Additional TF
    Kudu $1 450
    Burchell Zebra $ 1 250
    Common Impala $ 700
    Grey Duiker $ 500
    Warthog $ 500.00
    Chama Baboon $ 150
    Jackal $ 150
    Spotted Hyena $ 1 150

    Info on the Own Use (O/U) or Traditional Authority (T/A) elephant, buffalo & hippo hunts:
    O/U or T/A animals officially means that the animal can be hunted by the conservancy for the meat value only. As we do not want the members of the conservancy to run around and just shoot stuff, we have bought the quota from them. That way the conservancy generates some money as well from such animals (idea of paying for these animals came from WWF). Usually these hunts take place around conservancy meetings or traditional authorities' festivals. As the O/U & T/A quota in Dzoti is quite big, we also do the hunts in the time the animals do a lot of damage to the crop fields to satisfy the community. The animals are hunted legally on an own use hunting permit authorized by nature conservation. Nothing can be exported. It is a opportunity for hunters which do not have the budget to hunt big game or for big game hunters that shoot the animals for the hunting experience.
    There is no difference between O/U and T/A, that concerns the client. It is only burocratic details between the ministry of environment and the conservancy. The conservancy informs us if we have to deliver meat by the community or if the meat has to go to the traditional palace (a grass hut like all others....) therefore we always refer to these animals as O/U animals.

    Priority to find/hunt O/U buffalo BULLS (not cows!):
    1. OLD animals
    2. with broken horn(s) (which are very few around)
    3. Horns under 38"
    4. if time runs out we will shoot a younger bull of any size (which has never happened)

    Out of 18 buffalo hunts only ONE hunt took longer than 4 hunting days! This information is only to state that there is always buffalo around in this area.

    Priority to find/hunt O/U Hippo:
    1. Mature bull on land
    2. Younger bull on land/water (we have shot a couple in 2 - 3 feet of water)
    4. Cow in water/land (not been necessary yet)

    Relax late afternoon after the hunt catching the mouthwatering bream for supper or listen to the chattering off the birds returning to their nests.
    Once you see this magnificent place you will definitely return again and again!

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