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    I was just informed that I will have an additional 2 buffalo bulls to be hunted in my Sobbe concervancy area in the Caprivi.

    Sobbe is a drier part of the Caprivi, so the hunting must be done early. The buffalo start to move back to the swamps from the drier mopane areas in July, so if someone is interested in hunting a buffalo here, he should be doing it before end July.

    I will sell at folloowing rates:
    10 day hunt, 2 days travelling (12 days total) hunt for one trophy buffalo bull in Sobbe conservancy.
    Average size to be expected: 36-40 inches.
    Accommodation is in a permanent tented camp, with cement slab floors, running hot water and flush toilets. 2 beds per tent, each tent has separate bathroom. (2 client tents and 2 PH tents).
    Dayfees @ US$ 1000 per hunting day (including 15% VAT), for a total of US$ 10 000.
    Trophy fee @ US$ 6 500 for any size trophy bull.
    All inclusive therefore US$ 16 500
    (No need for expensive charters, you can fly directly to Katima or Vic Falls from Windhoek or to Vic Falls from Johannesburg, and I will come and fetch you there.)

    Dates that are currently open:
    13 April to 16 May
    1-16 July (not perfect date, as buffalo will start to move back.)

    The hunt will be unique for the Caprivi, as it will be a pure tracking hunt, and not like hunting in the swamps at all.

    Other game that may be added to any of the above hunts (quota permitting):
    Leopard US$ 7 500
    Kudu US$ 1500
    Zebra US$ 1 500
    Warthog US$ 400
    Duiker US$ 400
    Roan US$ 9 500
    Hyena US$ 750

    Book before 31 January 2011 and receive the following free (Saving of up to US$ 4 700):
    • Transfer from Victoria Falls airport and back (Usually US$ 300 one way, plus US$ 500 for the 2 travelling days)
    • One non-hunting observer free (Usually US$ 250 per day, so saving of US$ 3 000)
    • Firearms permit for transit through Botswana (Usually US$ 100).
    Terms and conditions to qualify for the specials:
    • 50% of the package booked should be paid by 31st January 2011.
    • The other 50% should be paid no later than 60 days prior to the hunt.

    Please come by booth no. 31 at the SCI convention to discuss, or send me an email if interetsed.

    Ndumo Safaris CC
    P.O. Box 31336
    +264 81 1285 416 (cell)
    361-212-4922 (USA Cell active until 30 January 2011).

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    Wish i could take you up on this Karl, Just cant do it right now. I realy enjoyed meeting you at the Atlanta show. Good luck

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