Cape Buffalo + Plains Game great offer only 3 available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 6, 2009
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Good day ladies and gentleman I am offering the following Cape Buffalo Package for 2013 this offer is limited.

Location: South Africa Limpopo Province
Outfit Name: Spiral Horn Safaris
PH name: Louis van Bergen
Size of hunting area: 15 000 acres
The area is fenced
Number of packages available: 3

10 Day Cape Buffalo and Plains Game Hunt: $20 000


1x Arrival Day
1x Departure Day
8x Full Hunting Day's hunting 1 on 1 with your PH
10x Day's accommodation for 1 observer
1x Cape Buffalo
1x Waterbuck
1x Gemsbuck
1x Blue Wildebeest
1x Impala

The above rates include the following:
Accommodation is quoted per person per day
The full use of all facilities in the camp such as the swimming pool and satellite television
A daily laundry service is also available at no extra cost
Full catering: early morning coffee & rusks, brunch, snacks, dinner, all soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderation
Hunting: a fully licensed Professional Hunter, trackers, skinners, all camp staff, transport to and from blinds, picking up of trophies, field preparation of any game taken and transportation of trophies to shipping company
Transport by vehicle from Johannesburg International Airport

The above rates excludes the following:
Accommodations prior to and after safari
Transport by vehicle between other Hunting Provinces
Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies to final destination
Rifle hire - per Rifle per day (includes ammunition)

Hope to see you at Houston Safari Club (Booth 114), Houston, 11 - 13 Jan 2013 and The African Sporting Expo, Concord (Booth 502), North Carolina, 18 - 20 Jan 2013!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions or concerns?

Contact details:

Cell: + 27 76 577 62 92
Fax: 086 245 40 92


Farm Buffelsvlei
Limpopo province
South Africa
Thanks Jeffpg much appreciated sir!

This hunt can also be done on a 2x1 basis so bring your son along and let him have at it on the plains game?

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Your killing me, what size are the buff. averaging? Good hunt package at a nice price.

I've hunted with Louis twice and represent him. A real top notch outfit and great guy.
Hi BnC 04

Sir the size on the buffalo would vary between 37"-41" we have completely moved away from pricing per inch I find that it takes something away from the hunt. Thus you can take any bull you like point is we will hunt hard and have fun!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Great Offer Louis! Good luck on the hunt.
Thanks Bob, I will be at DSC on saturday just to pop in and see some friends before heading to the Houston show maybe I will see you there!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Deb and I will be there, perhaps you could join us AH members for dinner Saturday evening. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Hi Bob sure I will defiantly come by for a drink unfortunately I have a prior engagement for dinner but it would be great to have a beer with you and some of the other guy's from AH!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
That would be great PM me your cell number and I'll give you a call when we get there. Bob
PM sent looking forward to it Bob :beer:

PS I think I just Hijacked my own thread LOL;)

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
PM sent looking forward to it Bob :beer:

PS I think I just Hijacked my own thread LOL;)

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen

:laughing: Not you've started a new trend we have to start Hijack our own threads. LOL

I put Ed's number in my contact list.
Just to add..I know the buff are the crown jewel of the hunt--but the plains game hunting on the open farm is pretty good too!

31.5 inch Waterbuck!


Big ol bull Eland!


Nice ol hard headed blue Wildebeest!


Great deal Louis--wish I could take you up on it--but I have to pay off my Taxidermy bill I have! :eek:

Heck you get a hunt for a cape buff and a hunt for a poor mans buff--the blue wildebeest!


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Hi ladies and gentleman

I would just like to notify everyone interested in visiting us at the African Sporting Expo, NC that our booth number has changed to 513.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen

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