Cape Buffalo Hunt with Marromeu Safaris in Mozambique's Coutada 10


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Jul 6, 2017
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An amazing adventure in the Zambezi Delta... Coutada 10 in Mozambique.
Hunting with Anton's great staff at Marromeu Safaris and guided by PH and friend Rudolph Stephan.
Pardon some of the less than perfect camera work. It was almost entirely self filmed, and I did my best !
Lifetime memories made in a fantastic place.
You did an excellent job with the video.

Congratulations on a great hunt with great animals!
I enjoyed that very much! Congratulations on your adventure!!
Well done, congratulations! Loved the video!!
It was fun to ride along. Great job hunting and videoing. Thank you for sharing.
Amazing and thank you for sharing. Truly a dream hunt.
I really enjoyed the video. You clearly had an adventurous hunt. I'm glad that your guns & gear caught up to you. Great Buffalo and I really liked the Bushbuck.
Good job on your video. Congrats on a fine buffalo - and that warthog!!
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Awesome experience. Moz is awesome, congratulations. What were you using for rifle and ammo?
Awesome experience. Moz is awesome, congratulations. What were you using for rifle and ammo?
My rifle was a Heym Martini Express chambered in .404 Jeff.
I shot factory Hornady 400g DGX Bonded

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Very Classy Sir--
I thought it was a great video. I always admire people who take the time to do that. I don’t even take stills. Haha.
Thanks for sharing, Happy New Year.
Great job!! I cut my African teeth in Coutada 10 back in 2014. This video brought back a flood of some of my fondest memories. I talk a lot about C10 to my wife, she’s been to South Africa with me 3 times and I’ve always wanted her to see wild Africa and you can bet I’ll show this to her and drive that seed a little bit deeper!
Fantastic safari and video! I love Mozambique as well. Thanks for sharing!
fantastic video! congrats on an awesome hunt and thank you for sharing!

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