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May 29, 2022
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Hunting reports
Dates; January 17-31 2022.
Animals killed; Lord Derby Eland, Western Buffalo, Red-flanked Diker, Western Cob, Harnessed bushbuck.
Rifle; 375 H&H, 300 gr. Barnes TSX
Getting There; The ticket was purchased from Delta with part of the flight with Air France. I flew from Seattle to Paris to Douala. If traveling with a firearm, you need to let Air France know in advance. In retrospect, it might have been better to purchase the ticket from Air France if you are traveling with a firearm as they were less helpful when the ticket was not purchased with them. My luggage and rifle arrived with me and there were no problems. This was the first time I used a meet and greet service at the airport and it would have been a huge hassle to negotiate the airport with a firearm without one. Faro East had a travel agent in France that took care of getting my visa and all the arrangements once I arrived in Douala, and they did a great job.

The hunt; My PH for the hunt was Scott Guthrie, a very knowledgable Zimbabwe PH. The outfitter, Patrick Dahlan is also a PH and assists with the hunt until the eland is killed. Making sure I got an eland was important to the outfitter. He kept track of where the eland were moving prior to my arrival so we had tracks to follow the first morning. The concession has a good road network which made finding fresh tracks to follow easier. I shot my eland mid day on the second day of the hunt. The shot was close to 200 yards The TSX entered angling forward and was just under the skin on the far shoulder. The eland ran about 100 yds.

The next day we hunted buffalo. A good sized herd was spotted in the morning and after a short tracking job a good mature bull was shot at 75 yards. The first shot was to the heart and the buffalo ran 50 yards. The TSX was found on the far side under the skin.

The rest of the time was spent hunting plains game. The two animals I hunted and did not get were a red river hog and a western hartebeest. Hunting red river hog is difficult and I think some luck needs to be involved. They are there, but hard to get a shot at. The hartebeest are plentiful but I was not able to get a shot at a good bull.

Final thoughts; The eland are there, the outfitter knows his area and if you can walk five to eight miles over fairly flat ground, you should get a shot at an eland. My hunt overlapped with the next eland hunt by two days and the hunter missed one the first day and shot one on day two. The food was good, the accommodation good and the vehicles were in good condition and the trackers were competent. In addition to an eland, you are allowed a buffalo or roan. Both are plentiful and trophy quality is good.
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Congratulations on a very successful hunt, thanks for tge report.
Congrats on 2 exceptional trophies!

Cooper65-looks like you are new here but your first posts were awesome! Congrats on a great hunt in a very cool place. Looking forward to reading more! Glad to hear the animals are still there doing well
Congrats on a great hunt and thanks for sharing!
Congratulations. My long Covid delayed hunt (with a different outfitter) will be happening this January. I’m really excited for it.
Awesome! Bucket list hunt for sure!
Two great trophies. Congratulations.
Thank you for the writeup, very nice animals!

That hunt is on the list.
Nice to hear from someone hunting in Cameroon. Thanks for the report.
Congrats on the achievement! Majestic animal!
Thank you Sir for this great report ! We were very happy to hunt with you and get those great trophies !
Very nice trophies. Would love to hear about the hunting for the other animals that you got. Nice to see success in Cameroon.
A dream hunt! Waidmann’s Heil ! That is one old LDE from his looks! And a great buffalo too :)

Do you have any pictures to share of the other animals you took?
WOW … Lord Derby, a true Dream Hunt of a Lifetime for me! Congrat’s on a great hunt & trophies, plus, surviving Air France’s firearm policies! I did that once in 2009 & w/o a Meet/Greet service - Ugg!
This is really a hunt of a lifetime! Congrats!
Congrats on a great hunt, and thanks for sharing !
Congratulations on a great hunt and beautiful animals!
My all time favorite hunt! Congrats!

How was the rest of the plains game?

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