Cabo San Lucas fishing- September 2017


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I was able to visit Cabo with some family members a few weeks back! Beautiful place, it was my seconbd time there. However September is hurricane and rainy season there, so some plans got changed. There was a tropical storm off the coast for the first 3 days we ere there making for some serious rough seas.

Original plan was to play golf one day, surf fish one day, cruise/snorkel one day, then deep sea fish one day. Well due to a previous storm the golf course was closed for repairs, and the current storm put us on hold for 4 days total. So we got a little surf fishing in (no luck) and a half day of deep sea fishing in.

The fishing boat captain said due to the hurricanes the day that we went out was the first day they were able to fish in 3 weeks!

Sorry not a lot of pics of fish, but we caught a lot of dorado/mahi. Kept 4 threw 3 back and also a bull shark I believe.

This is a short report but it was an enjoyable place and if your down there some good fishing can be had.


A few of the surf fishing and the deep sea effort

Dolfin in Cabo.jpg
Cabo dolfin.jpg
cabo shark.jpg

A few new friends we made back in the harbor

cabo sea lion 1.jpg
cabo sea lion 2.jpg

And a few of the place

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Nice photos. Mahi is awesome eating. The Marlin fishing really starts to peak in October. I hope to get down for the Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin tournament one of these years. Its a 3 day fishing party.!
Yeah @Brent in Az I'd like to marlin fish between late October and January sometime
Wow, I forgot to post this gem in the original report!!! Take a look at what "Mexican Viagra" does to you!
Saw this in the marina area near the docks :ROFLMAO:

Sounds like you had a great time even though the weather didn't help you out.
Nice dorado Charles!
Not sure how well the Mexican viagra works, but I know what happens if you drink the water. LOL
@Wheels ,

It was a nice relaxing time in a beautiful place, thank you!
Always amazes me how beautiful mahi are in the water and what they look like 10 minutes in the cooler! Glad you had fun.
@Bullthrower338 ,

I agree, I wish I had some pics of when they just came out of the water!
Charles you are one traveling man!
Hitting the Delta Diamond status for next year this week!

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