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    Welcome aboard our journey, as we bring you up to date with our 7th Bush Breaking Newsletter of 2011. We have received an over whelming positive response, from our clients in regards to the new cyber space technology and manner, that our Bush Breaking Newsletters will be coming through to your PC's from now on... This is wonderful news and a very welcomed breakthrough in communication via connectivity!! Bring it on Cyber Space!!!

    Mention was made in our last newsletter about our planned itinerary for our up and coming USA promotional tour. At this time we would like to mention the cities that we will be visiting during our trip starting January 2nd 2012. San Diego, Dallas, Columbus Ohio, Calgary Canada, Atlanta, Midland Texas, Farmington New Mexico, Albuquerque, Aguascalientes Mexico, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and New York... Phew, busy, busy! It will be fantastic if you are going to be around any of these places that we could perhaps meet during our travels? Drop us a line and let's see if we can make a plan... It would be great to see you!!

    Before we get into all the exciting hunts and superb photos gallery, we must at this time bring you some unfortunate and shocking news!!! Our newly built (only a week old) Gamagara Lodge has burnt to the ground caused by an electrical fault... Devastating news to say the very, very least!

    Our prayers and support must extend out to Hennie and Hannetjie at this time. With Hennie having the determination and drive that he has, work has already begun to pick up the pieces and start to rebuild Gamagara Lodge. We expect to be completed by the end of March 2012 where ALL systems will be a huge GO!! Wiaan counted over 600 Gemsbuck from the chopper 2 weeks ago, with huge specimens of Eland, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbuck, Springbok, Wildebeest, etc, seen from the air Gamagara here we come in 2012!!!!!!

    DON'T FORGET!!! Keep checking our website at www.wintershoekjvs.com to view the latest Newsletter hosted, to see phenomenal photos and to read the full stories!!!!!!

    Be safe, shoot straight, take care and God bless!

    The WJVS team...

    Click here to check out our Newsletter #7.

    Johnny Johnson & Steve Hanlon
    It has been a good 15 years since we last saw Johnny
    Johnson from Brandon Mississippi and Steve Hanlon from Memphis, Tennessee back on South African soil. It was a fantastic reunion and also a fun trip for Johnny's wife Mel and Steve's wife Carey to experience Africa for their very first times as well. [...] Read Full Post >

    Burkes Family
    The whole Burkes family (10) from Hibbings Minnesota USA descended upon Africa once again this year and man alive what a hunt!! Dan and Nancy tackled Botswana and South Africa to seek the species that they were both after.The rest of the family, Rian, Jill, Ayva, Emma & KaelebBurkes plus John, Nicole & Peyton Marinac, hunted at Wag 'n Bietjie and Thuru camps. [...] Read Full Post >

    Dale Berger
    Great to welcome back to South Africa, Dale Berger and his wife Toni from Bozeman Montana USA. You may remember Dale from the SCI conventions where he helps the Wintershoek Johnny Vivier
    Safaris team out in the booth each year! It was really a treat to have Toni out for her first visit to Africa and a lot of fun was shared by everyone
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Enrique Robels
    A special thanks to our Mexican agent Eduardo Gomez, for referring an absolute gentleman and a great hunter to us, Enrique Robels who is also from Mexico. Enrique has hunted with us before and was interested in collecting a few species of game that he didn't shoot with us on his last safari.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Jean Marc
    All the way from Europe, we had the pleasure of welcoming a husband and wife team of veteran African hunters, Jean Marc and his lovely wife Marie (Mighty!). This was their 4th trip to Africa having hunted Buffalo in Tanzania before coming to our camp in South Africa.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Oscar Mertz
    2011 saw Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris reach another milestone in the 33 years that
    we have been in the safari business It gave us great pleasure to welcome all the way from Chile, Mr. Oscar Mertz, who is officially our very first ever Chilean hunter!! If ever there was an Officer and a Gentleman, Oscar Mertz is the whole package.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    John Yau
    Our staunch, Wintershoek Johnny Vivier safaris supporter from Spain, John Yau, was back again with us this year for the second time. John brought along Diego who also wanted to experience and see firsthand what John raved so much about! It was Diego's 1st time in Africa and we can promise you, it won't be his last ? the hunters had a blast!
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Jorge Fraga and Horacio Boumpadre
    It has been 2 years since we had the privilege of sharing our camp with Jorge Fraga and Horacio Boumpadre, both from Argentina. We once again donated a hunt to the Argentina Safari Club Chapter and our hunters bought the hunt for a second time, which is great! Jorge and Horacio are truly dedicated hunters who thrive on the actual meaning of the word hunt!
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Alan and Barbara Sackman
    It was indeed a huge honor for us to welcome two of the most experienced USA based hunters to our camp in the Northern Cape - Weatherby award winner Alan Sackman and his wife Barbara, who is a Diane award recipient, are from New York. Barbara was successful in collecting a few exotic species and some indigenous species that South Africa has to offer. These folks are the 途eal deal when it comes to a world renowned hunter and huntress... Period!
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Shannon and Sherry Alston
    All the way from Henderson, Nevada USA and after a delay in their luggage We welcomed 1st timers to WJVS
    - Shannon Alston and his wife Sherry and 12 year old daughter Sarah. Shannon has hunted a few times in Africa, but this was Sherry and Sarah's first experience ?everyone had a ball. PH John Tinley took charge of the Alstons who are a very close and caring family and it was a pleasure to have them in camp.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Tom Jensen and Trond Livden
    We had a great reunion at Wag 'n Bietjie lodge with our Norwegian Agent, Tom Jensen, his wife Bente and hunter Trond Livden, also from Norway. We met Tom & Bente through our sister lodge Thuru and we are very blessed to have them on board our safari company... United we are one! PH's Yvan and Jacques took care of Trond and Tom at Wag 'n Bietjie and Thuru camps respectively.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    JR Allen and John Aydelotte
    Thuru Lodge welcomed some real celebrities from the USA recently. JR Allen and John Aydelotte along with Philippe
    and his whole camera crew enjoyed a few fantastic days of hunting with PH Jacques Taljaard and Braam Bekker.
    [...] Read Full Post >

    Jaime & Martha Diaz Torre
    Our very good clients and friends from Mexico, Jaime & Martha Diaz Torre, took a trip to Zambia this year on a classic African safari with PH Gavin Hume. The Diaz Torre family, especially their father Julio, are very well known and respected throughout the world for their hunting achievements ? You have to see their trophy room to believe it ?Out of this world!!
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    That was a majestic sable, 51" and mass, a dream sable for sure!

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    great recap of your year...some very nice trophies

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