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    Here it is! and a very warm welcome to our well overdue 3rd Bush breaking Newsletter of 2011. We had a complete revamp of our website (take a look) www.wintershoekjvs.com and the change over of servers held us up a little of getting the posting up and running on the site ~ you may have received an email from Mweb asking you to "I accept" or "I do not accept" the Bush Breaking newsletters from Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris? Never fear though when the "A" team is near ~ our new server will get our newsletters off to you in a timely manner from now on, PLUS, all the newsletters will be posted on our brand new website. Simply click on the newsletter link at the top of every page and scroll down until you find all the newsletters just waiting for you to read and to enjoy!!

    We unfortunately start our June newsletter off on a very sad note ~ The barbaric murder of Carlos Valdes Snr at his home in Mexico, has plunged the whole WJVS team into absolute shock and mourning! Carlos was not only a superb client these past 15 years; he was a true friend, a great hunter and a fatherly figure to our entire JVS family. Our hearts and prayers must go out to Carlos Jnr who also lost his Mom (Adriana) not so long ago to terminal cancer ~ we can not imagine the pain and suffering that the whole Valdes family has to deal with right now! We trust that the perpetrator/s of such an insane act on an innocent man will be brought to justice so the bastard/s can rot in hell!! On behalf of all the Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris staff and from everyone who met Carlos Snr at the Safari Club conventions and throughout Southern Africa ~ We ALL send our deepest condolences & sympathies out to Carlos Jnr, Auoroa and to the entire Valdes family ~ Words can not express, how very sorry we are at the loss of such a fine Gentleman ~ Humbane Kahgle Numzaan Carlos ~ you will be missed by your African family and know that a part of you will remain with us in Africa... Forever!!!

    Click here to check out the rest of our newsletter.

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