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    With 2 months of the New Year already behind us... Ikes!!! and coming from a sunny South Africa, the entire Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris team, would like to take this opportunity to bid you a very warm welcome, to our first Bush Breaking Newsletter of 2013 and what a year of exciting safaris do we have in store for you... WOW!!

    What started out as early as the 28th December 2012 at the Dallas Safari Club show and ending in Mexico the 4th Feb 2013, the WJVS crew are delighted to report that our hunting season proves to be yet another bumper year. We can only look forward with great anticipation, to hosting our clients that have booked to come on safari with us this year... It is going to be awesome!!

    The WJVS team is more than ready to pick you up at the airport in Kimberley or Upington and to get out there into the bush to enjoy some excellent hunting!! The game and veld is in excellent condition and reports coming in from our Manager, Hugo Lambrechts, and Master Taxidermist, Fritz Viljoen at our very own African San Taxidermy Studio and Tannery is... Bring it on Ladies and Gents, we are READY!!!

    HP Productions Filming Company, are also ready to burn some film and to once again, capture these exciting and fun safaris that only the WJVS team can produce... So, oil those rifles, tune those bows, practice your shooting and we'll see you soon in South Africa to kick up some dust out in the bush.

    If you haven't taken the plunge yet and booked your safari for this 2013 year? then understand that we only have 1 opening left in December of 2026 - Yip! you guessed it, we're just kidding... Hee! hee! But yes! we still have some gaps here and there for this year and some open dates for 2014... so make your dream a reality and don't delay any further, get your dream hunt booked today!!

    Keep your eyes open on the Outdoor Channel and watch great celebrity hosts Mike Rogers of Safari Expeditions, also Michael Waddell the Bone Collector, Scott Shultz of Scent Blocker Most Wanted, as they hunt in our 4 areas, Wintershoek, Thuru, Linksfontein and Gamagara... Some great hunting!!

    The Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris team... signing off!

    Click here to check out our Newsletter #1 - 2013.

    With 5 booths at this this 2013 Safari Club Convention in Reno and with 8 members of the WJVS team on deck, It sure was a hive of activity and great to meet and see our new and old friends.
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    Due to the fantastic bow hunting season we had during 2012, and the footage currently shown on the Outdoor Channel, we decided to add some photos from last years hunts. Enjoy!
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    Link to newsletters: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

    DON'T FORGET!!! Keep checking our website at www.wintershoekjvs.com to view the latest Newsletter hosted, to see phenomenal photos and to read the full stories!!!!!!
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    It was great seeing and visiting with all of you in Reno! The vib and positive spirit at the WJVS booths is infectious! Wishing everyone a fantastic hunting season and looking forward to your upcoming reports.

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