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    From a sunny South Africa, we bid our new and our present clients and friends a hearty welcome to our 1st Bush Breaking Newsletter of 2012! It was indeed a whirl wind promotional tour that started on the 3rd of January at the Dallas Safari Club Show and ended in a grand finale, with 10 Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris representatives manning 5 booths, at the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas. We spread our wings far and wide on this tour by also attending shows and meetings in Columbus Ohio, Atlanta, San Diego, Charlotte North Carolina, Midland Texas, Farmington New Mexico, Calgary Canada and Aguascalientes Mexico. We touched down back on African soil the 9th of February, more than satisfied with the business that we booked and what a spectacular trip was had by all, absolutely amazing!!! It really was a fun time introducing our team members, some who were on their first USA trip, to all our clients and friends at the shows. At this point in our newsletter, we want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank, all our repeat clients for re-booking safaris and we welcome our new clientele for 2012 with great anticipation. We look forward to showing you ALL an excellent and safe safari with our top notch WJVS Outfit... See you soon on African soil.

    The "MAGNIFICENT 10" in action at the Safari Club Convention in Las Vegas.

    ATA (Archery Trade & Association Show) held in Columbus Ohio.

    Anneke, Andries, Yvan & Johnny attended the ATA (Archery Trade & Association Show) held in Columbus Ohio The lucky winner of the Scentblocker Bone Collector African draw is Russell Schwahn (a Fire Chief from Martin, TN) who chose to bring his 15 year old son, Dylon, on safari with him this year... How awesome is that!! The Schwahn's will be accompanied by world-renowned bow hunters Michael Waddell, Wayne & Nick Mundt, Scott Shultz of Robinson Outdoor Products and a host of other bow hunting celebs will descend into Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris hunting areas this July. Watch out for that Bush Breaking Newsletter, which poses to be a real Block Buster!!

    Without a question or any doubt in our minds, these first 3 months of 2012 have been our busiest ever in the history of WJVS... Really folks, with an incredible 5 week promo tour in January, PLUS, our safaris starting and getting into full swing since the beginning of February and STILL as we speak into March... It is absolutely amazing!! We are so very grateful to all our clients, new and repeat, for putting your confidence in our top notch operation and booking your safaris with us for this year and also many bookings for 2013 secured... It is gonna be a knockout year!!

    The best news to date, is that our Gamagara Camp is only a couple weeks away from being complete and ready to receive our 1st hunters in 2012. Please be advised now, that there is going to be some heart stopping trophies coming off Gamagara this year... Watch this space in the next couple Bush Breaking Newsletters and brace yourselves for what you are about to witness! Seeing is believing and what we saw out of the chopper flying over Gamagara... ????? Just be ready for it!! If you want to join in on the action, then now is the time you need to hammer out an email to us and get those dates booked as soon as possible.

    Thanks a ton for taking the time to go through our Bush Breaking Newsletter. You can also view all our past and most recent newsletters on the WJVS website: www.wintershoekjvs.com. We look forward to hearing back from you and all that remains for us to say is, oil those rifles, practice your shooting, take care and be careful out there... God bless you!

    The Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris team... signing off!

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    MAN of the year 2012 is... Ken Barr winner of the prestigious Conklin award. We are indeed very proud and honoured to have shared many a camp fire with Ken...
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    All work and NO play makes Jack a dull boy... it goes something like that?? Soooo, a whole bunch of us die hard fishermen and fisherwomen, just had to take some time off to go ice fishing in Canada...
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    Our first hunt of the year came in at the beginning of February with a group of 5 hunters from Norway. Leader of the safari Magnus Backer is no stranger
    to us and it was wonderful to welcome Magnus back to Thuru lodge. Joining Magnus on this safari was fellow hunters, Anton Henniningstad, Jan-Erik Ekkeberg, Hans Olaf Hess and StureMikalsen all from Norway.

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    We were all delighted to welcome to Wag'n Bietjie camp, 9 members of the Rodrigo family from Spain. Our great friend and Spanish agent Tomas De Castro hosted the group and PH's Yvan Nieuwoudt and Strauss Jordaan took charge out in the sticks. Only 2 members of the family hunted, whilst the rest of the group relaxed around the camp and pool soaking up the African sun and on some occasions, going out with the hunters.
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    It was a great reunion to welcome back in successive years, Manny & Maria Fajin from Pembroke Pines, Florida USA. It was a real family affair when Manny & Maria decided to bring their grandchildren, Sergio (18) Jassmine (13) and Dylan (7) along on this safari. Pro Hunter Yvan Nieuwoudt once again guided Manny and took charge of the whole expedition.
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    We were blessed again in February and March this year, with 2 groups of hunters from our French agent Luc Parent. The first group of hunters fromFrance, who came in at the end of February, consisted of Marek Kawinscki from Pologne France (Luc's hunting and business partner for years), plus Anne Laure Parent (Luc's daughter) and the Touchard family with Francois being the only hunter. Professional Hunters Jacques Taljaard and Braam Bekker were up to guiding these hunters at Thuru.
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    Our second group of hunters from France that arrived early in March, was made up of Pierre and Arlet Warambourg, Michel Gayet and Jean Pierre Decauchy. Professional hunters Braam Bekker, Hannes Vlok, Jacques Taljaard and assistant PH Tertius Barnard were all hands on deck, taking care of this our final early year Bush Breaking Newsletter.
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    Link to newsletters: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris

    DON'T FORGET!!! Keep checking our website at www.wintershoekjvs.com to view the latest Newsletter hosted, to see phenomenal photos and to read the full stories!!!!!!
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