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    A very warm South African greeting to our First Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris of 2011!

    Our promotional trip, which started on the 2nd January, took us out of the Dark Continent for 35 days ~ It was absolutely wonderful to see you all again during our extensive USA and Mexico travel ~ We also want to take this opportunity, to welcome our new clients to WJVS and to thank you for putting your confidence in booking your safari with us. We look forward to hosting you in our camp/s and sharing our å µem of Africa with you!

    To all the folks that stopped by our booths for a brochure and a chat and supplying us with your contact details, we trust that you will enjoy receiving our WJVS newsletters that will bring you right up to date on all the exciting hunts and news from our hunting areas!

    Some really great news that we just received yesterday from Safari Club International, is that Johnny Vivier Safaris has just entered the Top 250 Best Outfitters listing throughout the WORLD!! YES! ... The WORLD!! We are very honored and very proud of our achievement that we have worked so hard to reach. We most certainly intend safeguarding this incredible milestone in our careers, BUT, our sights are set on climbing the ranks ... Watch this space.

    This January saw WJVS taking the plunge and exhibiting at the Dallas Safari Club show for the 1st time in years ~ Wiaan & Johnny ready to 釘ook 粗m Dano in Dallas!

    World renowned Hunter and legendary Author Craig Boddington(middle) sharing a laugh with Johnny and Wiaan at the prestigious Weatherby awards dinner.

    Another world renowned hunter that attended the SCI Show in Reno, was Safari Expeditions & Outdoor channel host Mike Rogers(left) seen here with Craig Boddington and Johnny.

    Whilst Wiaan and Johnny were hard at work on promo tour, WJVS Professional Hunter Strauss Jordaan, was hard at work hunting with 2 Russian clients at our base camp in Kimberley.

    Yuri Petrov is an old client of WJVS and he brought with him 1st time hunter to Africa Sergey Dvuluchansky. Apart from a few thunder showers of rain and getting stuck a few times in the mud, our hunters did great out in the sticks by taking all the animals that they were hunting for and everyone had a blast ... great stuff!! We look forward to seeing Yuri & Sergey early again next year.

    Richard & Sergey with a fine Kudu Bull.

    Sergey and Cephas with a huge Gemsbuck Bull.

    Sergey (left) with his 1st African animal, a Blue Wildebeest Bull, whilst Yuri looks on.

    Cephas & Sergey with a Common Springbok.

    Yuri has tried for a few years to get an Eland Trophy and this time he connected with a great Bull.

    Yuri also took a good Nyala Bull during his hunt with Strauss.

    Ramiro Vertiz and his wife Monica from Mexico came to visit us for his second time and her first time to Africa. The trip was planned around Monica who is not a hunter, but Ramiro insisted that he had two days with us to do his thing before they went on their sightseeing tour of South-Africa. His main quarry was a Sable, and we were lucky enough to get a big Sable bull plus a great Waterbuck and Nyala all in two days of hard hunting. Monica also had a fantastic time in the sticks! We look forward to seeing you on your return safari in the not to distant future with your grandson.

    Ramiro and his wife Monica with å…¸he Prince of Africa?

    Ramiro and his Waterbuck.

    On our return home, we were greeted by lush green grass, trees full of succulent leaves and pods, plus, dams and water points were overflowing from the superb rains that we had in January.

    Most importantly all the game and their offspring, are just flourishing out there in their natural habitat ~ just wonderful to see the bush in such great shape and enough feed to carry us through the winter months of June & July.

    Link to newsletter: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 1

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