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Good day folks,
First of all happy Fathersday to all of the Heroes out there. Enjoy the day with your loved ones

Due to bad weather conditions with an extremely warm summer and poor rainfall in our rainy season we at Bos & Dal Safaris need to manage the number of game on the property. Our resident buffalo herd has been growing very well over the last 5 years and the herd is about 100 animals strong.

This is putting tremendous pressure on the grazing and we have decided to reduce the number of buffalo.

We are offering a Buffalo management hunt to the AH community. This will be for buffalo cows with bad genes and horn shapes and size.

Thus on this hunt you will not be able to shoot the biggest of buff cows but we will be targeting spesific animals based on our selection criteria.

The herd is free roaming on our home base and it is not a small camp or put and take hunt. These buffalo are not being worked by us or vets ever. They are recieving suplememt feeding due to the poor veld condition at this stage.

The hunt is all inclusive for 7 hunting days 9 total with arrival and departure days. With a buffalo cow included for $2950 per hunter hunting 1x1
For two clients hunting 2x1 each with a buff cow it will be $2700 each. This is a perfect opportunity to bring your dad or son to Africa and share a buffalo hunting experience with them.

We still have some dates in August, late September and October where these hunts can be done.

All other services will be at the same quality we always provide. And everything from airport pickup and return to drinks in camp is included as always.

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This could be a fun hunt for somebody.
We’ll be there a couple of weeks behind @Mark Biggerstaff and will be taking one as well!

Excited to hunt another buff!
Excellent offer hopefully several others can take advantage of @Mark Biggerstaff and @mdwest don't need to do all the shooting themselves
This is a great offer with an excellent team of PHs and camp. I will be at Bos en Dal next week and taking advantage of this special offer.
Oh you lucky bugger !
Excellent offer hopefully several others can take advantage of @Mark Biggerstaff and @mdwest don't need to do all the shooting themselves
That's a true statement. It seems like Mark and Dave get a lot of the shooting around here. Someone tie a rope and slow them down a little.
Can you shoot 2 cows on the hunt? If so what would the cost be?
This would be a blast of a hunt ! A couple of cows for less than $5k. I spent 45 minutes up close and personal to a herd of buffalo earlier this year waiting for my buddy to get a shot. It was intense.

After 3 days and many stalks, I was able to take this Buff Cow. These Buffalo are smart and it is a hunt! Many steps and many stalks before we got on them just right.

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