Buffalo Facial Hair

Thank you @IvW & @375Fox, I thought there were more, but as you say it turns out a very fine Buffalo from that area !
This old guy from Greater Kruger was missing some hair for sure.
I too suspect mites may also play a role in hair loss on the face and on other parts of the body. Another thing I noticed is that sometimes what appears to be hair loss on the face can also be ox pecker poop. There may be a cause-effect connection where mite density is correlated to ox pecker poop- dunno? :)
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oxpecker on buffalo.jpeg

Could be as simple as oxpecker poop (or also possibly cattle egret poop) creating favorable habitat or a "fertilizing effect" if you will, increasing the population density of those little skin miners (mites) that destroy hair follicles, thus causing hair loss.
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"Drainage" :):)

egret  on buffalo .jpeg
Pushing through 1,000's of miles of thorns can permanently remove hair...
Pushing through 1,000's of miles of thorns can permanently remove hair...
If that was the primary cause of hair loss then the lower half of their head, neck, chest and body should be bald or show the most hairy loss. But it's the upper surfaces of their head (face) around the boss that usually show the most hair loss along with patches of hair loss on their sides and back. I'll stay with the mite population density theory no matter the reason for the different mite densities on different parts of the body. Seems mighty coincidental the areas of greatest hair loss correspond to the areas of greatest exposure to ox pecker and egret poop :)

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