Browning Abolt Stainless 375 HH For Sale 1000


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Jan 22, 2022
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I have the same gun without the barrel band. Enjoy it very much - took my first buffalo, lion, elephant and brown bear with it. A great gun.
I have one I bought new 30 years ago. Finally taking it to Africa this spring. Glad to hear what you did with yours since they don't seem to get much recognition. I have never had any issues with mine.
I have the lefty 375 version—I love it!!
I have had 2 of these the first had the BOSS on the end which I didn't like I did take a moose with it the next one has the 26" barrel took a nice Brown Bear at 110yds and a caribou at 400 yds, quick throw bolt easy recoil with 300 grainers and accurate, Fell into glacial rivers a couple of times on the bear hunt luckily I held onto it no problem
The boss system was a little loud
Not so much for the shooter but for those standing around you, The boss is darn near 6" long plus the cartridge is 3" so all you have is basically a 20" barrel. Prior to my Moose hunt I was disatisfied with the accuracy since they did not provide "sweet spot" for 375 all others. Factory ground away some of the stock by the rear mounting bolt and it became accurate
I'll take it, PM sent actually is one of the smoothest guns I have had to cycle and really will miss it
I'll put it to good use and send pics of what it takes in Africa this year, can't wait!

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