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calling all Bowhunters
i would like you guys to tell me what u would like in a hunting package in south africa
at Tallyho we are setup for bowhunting and would really like to get some more bowhunters through Tallyho in 2017


please contact me or reply on this thread as to what you want in a package and i will tailor make it to suit you
we have excellent sable, roan and buffalo that we can definately bag with a bow

look forward to the responses
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I think a build your own package is the best idea, as everyone has different wants, and you never know what you might take when the chance comes along.
Before a critter list comes into my mind I want:
Areas that are exclusive to bow hunters.
Walk and Stalk is actually possible, not a distraction.
PH's that know how to bow hunt.
I agree. I would like to add:

Blinds that are made with bow hunting in mind.
Good locations to mount cameras from various angles at the water holes for those of us who bring their GoPros.
Advertise what bow repair services are available so we don't have to bring a portable bow press if not necessary for example.

I would think that an outfitter that wanted to make a statement could say they have a bow press, 3rd axis level and fletching jig on site for emergency repairs. That would show a huge commitment to bow hunters and likely would see an increase in comfort level in bow hunters coming to use their outfit. Also, if there is a professional bow shop in a recent distance, state how far it is should there be some catastrophic problem.
I'm in agreement with all. I personally prefer spot and stalk, and an area managed for this would be fantastic.

The key is a PH who bow hunts and can understand bow hunting and the various techniques; from blind/concealment, tree stand/elevated hide or spot and stalk. Also, a knowledge/understanding of types of bows and typical effective ranges. The stick bow shooter will have different needs than a compound shooter.
Yes, for a stick bow shooter, advertise the availability of good tracking dogs.
Any hunter if they hunt long enough will eventually wound something, it's not the weapon it's the person behind it!
Yes, for a stick bow shooter, advertise the availability of good tracking dogs.
Any hunter if they hunt long enough will eventually wound something, it's not the weapon it's the person behind it!

I will agree on that and am guilty of having to track animals, but the compound shooter certainly has an advantage over the traditional bow shooter. The accuracy and power improvements of the compound pulley system is just amazing. I have the utmost respect for longbow shooters. Maybe one day I will try but for now, I will go easy mode with the compound.
hi all

thx for the comments and take this items into account

i think its difficult on my size land to harvest enough animals with just a bow, i need to control numbers and manage effectively

i really was heading more along the lines of which animals etc you would prefer in a package then i make it up for you with special pricing

i have space open late this year, august sept, october for bowhunters
would really like to do some buff and sable, maybe roan with bow

i will make the price attractive especially if we can have 2 hunters together in camp
Sorry about that Tally-Ho. I guess I didn't get the gist of what you were asking for.

My perfect package would probably be a good mix of animals for 7-10 days. I wouldn't be able to take advantages of any packages this year as I'm already booked in May, but here is what I see as a great first time mix:
Kudu or Gemsbok
Impala or Springbok
Red Hartebeest or Wildebeest (Black or Blue)

I like having choices, so one package that gives me options to take one or another animal is preferred.
hi all

sorry for confusion

and ideally what do u think is the average spend??
i guess this differs from person to person??

i will design a package soon with all the info given and post it

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