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Jan 26, 2010
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Here are the two trophies I took on my July 2010 hunt to Ethiopia. The first is an Abyssinian Bohor Reedbuck and the second is a Soemmerring Gazelle.



I hunted with Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris and PH Jason Roussos. This was my fifth bowhunt in Ethiopia. I arrived in Addis and took the long drive to the Bale mountains and the Damaro hunting area. I shot the reedbuck after looking over a dozen rams and he was the biggest I saw- a monster of 10 1/2 inches. We drove back to Addis to resupply then headed out for the day long drive to the Danakil desert for the Soemmerring gazelle. We drove far into the hunting area and pitched camp in a dry riverbed. The next morning we walked out of camp and immediately started spotting gazelle in the rolling hills of the Danakil. We were stalking a good ram when we saw this one feeding on green bushes in a dry wash. We followed him for over a kilometer trying to close the gap and eventually I shot him at extreme long range. We followed him up and I put a finishing shot at 50 yards- a good old ram of 14 1/2 inches. It was an amazing trip and I look forward to my next hunt with Jason. Both of these species were the first taken by a modern bowhunter.
Steve Kobrine
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Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks for the hunt report!
Fantastic animals! Congrats on being the first bowhunter to score, thats a huge honor. Its is amazing to see the different vegetation between the two photos. Thanks for posting.
Conratulations on the hunt! I love the facial markings of the Soemmerring's gazelle, just one more reason I'd love to go to Ethiopia . I used Soemmerring playing scrabble against my grandma(the only game I can come close to winning angainst her) one time and she thought I was cheating.
Very nice trophies and a great report

Thanks for sharing
Great hunt,
Must be cool to bring bowhunting back to an area that has been without it for so long.
Thanks for sharing, great trophies.
Well done Steve, keep up the good work!
Those are some awesome trophies Steve. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome trophies and nice pics.
Sounds interesting to bowhunt in Ethiopia!
Mate thats one great hunt and some fine trophies top stuff one bowhunter to another
I concur those are fine trophies to get. I am excited for you going back.... maybe this time for your Mt Nyala? That would certainly be an awesome trophy with a bow. It's a dream of mine for sure.

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