Bowhunt cancelation bargain of the year !

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    Ladies and Gentleman,

    We had an unfortunate late cancellation for a bow hunt on our bowhunting concession in the Dwaalboom area Limpopo of South Africa.

    This bow hunting exclusive area totals roughly 20,000acres and have 12 Hides to hunt out of. Trophy quality is very high.

    The dates are 3-10 June 2011, which is just around the corner. I know it is short notice as they come but it is what it is. If the dates does not work then we can play a bit with them from 30May to 13June. Any 7 days in this time will work.

    This is anyones that can foot the $100.00 per day balance on day rates (That is $800.00), the airport transfer that I'll drop to $200.00 and the trophy fees.

    So total for the hunt is $1,000.00 for 8 nights, 7 days PLUS the trophy fees.
    Included in the above rates:
    Full board and lodging for 7 days
    All hunting related activities (PH, Skinners,etc)
    Airport transfers
    Beer, cold drinks and table wine
    Delivery of trophies to taxidermist
    Field prep of trophies

    Trophy fees
    Taxidermy cost

    Let me know what you would like to shoot, and I will make you a good deal on trophy fees.

    Examples on trophy fees for the popular PG are:

    Eland $2,250.00
    Kudu $1950.00
    Waterbuck $1750.00
    Blue Wildebeest $950.00
    Redhartbeest $1150.00
    Zebra $1450.00
    Impala $350.00
    Blesbok $450.00
    Warthog $350.00
    Bushpig $650.00

    Looking forward to your urgent replies!
    PS contact us for rates on extra hunting partners and non hunters.

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