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    South Africa
    I left South Africa last year to go and work in Dubai and from the start I could not wait for my vacation in August this year to get out of the desert and concrete jungle and to get back to the South African Bushveld….

    After a long and hard slog the 01st of August arrived and I was on the plane back to Johannesburg. I could not wait to see my wife and daughter again.

    I have booked a three day mid week hunt at S'Dudla safaris in the Dwaalboom area about 60km outside Thabazimbi.

    But I 1st had to get some practice done as one can not take a bow to Dubai as they see it as a weapon. After spending a day at the shooting range making sure I can still hit what I aimed at out to 50 yards with afield point as well as with my Slick Tricks.

    Sunday afternoon finally arrive and I am on my way to Thabazimbi. What a pleasant and relaxing drive compared to the chaos in Dubai.

    I found my self on the farm just before sundown and I can promise you there is not a place on this earth that has a sun set like Africa.

    Monday morning found me still dark at the shooting range to confirm that everything still shoots as it must and in the lights of the vehicle I shot two arrows. The lumi nocks works brilliantly and the arrows hit the spot I aimed at.

    Just before sun rise I found myself at an elevated hide. It was just getting light when I had two jackal coming to drink. I was amazed at how good these animals hear as the one closest to the water heard the arrow as I drew back. And off they went. I really wanted to shoot a jackal with the bow but maybe I will get another chance later…

    It was not long after this that I hear animals walking towards the water.
    When I looked out of the shooting window in come the Cape Buffalo’s. These Black Death of Africa are really majestic animals. They spend about an hour at the hide and I enjoyed being so close to these animals.

    Next visitors to the water was two Nyala ewes. They are some of the daintiest of antelope in Africa.

    By this time the wind started swirling around as we had a cold front blowing trough the country and I knew I am going in for a hard long hunt.

    Around 10:00 a couple of Waterbuck cows visited the water and then the Blue Wildebeest came in to about 60 meters from the hide but they smelled me because of the wind. What a frustration looking at them trough the observation window as they turned around and walked away…

    After a long enjoyable but uneventful day I was picked up at the hide just after dark.

    The next morning I was in a pit blind with the hope that the wind will not be such a factor in the pit blind.

    Guess who came and visit just after sun rise…

    Jip you were right the Cape Buff visited the water hole again. This time they closest ones were only a couple of yards away. They are still young animals and I am sure the Bulls will be awesome in the next 5 years as they have some great bosses.


    Next visitors was about 6 squirrels, these little animals are amazingly alert and they work really well as decoy animals at the water or hide.

    But unfortunately the wind was not co operating and the day was slow. With a couple of kudu cows at around midday and just before dark a herd of impala ewes came in to drink. As it was so late in the season I did not want to shoot a female animal as the chances of them being pregnant is really good.

    My primarily target was a Blue wildebeest as I have been trying to hunt one with the bow for three years with out success.

    Again I left the hide after sundown. And after spending two relaxing days in the hides but not getting a shot we decided that its time to chance the game plan.
    The next morning we would do walk and stalk and see what the bush give us.

    We were in the field doing a bit of diesel stalking around the ranch to find where the animals were standing in the sun. As we came to the elevated stand of the 1st day the Waterbuck and the Blue Wildebeest was there and they moved off reluctantly…

    I grabbed my bow, range finder, radio and binoculars and climbed into the hide and Ryno drove off.

    It was not 5 minutes later and the Waterbuck came back to the salt and water. Again they acted as decoys and 10 minutes later the Blue Wildebeest also came back.

    First a couple of cows came in and then a nice young bull with a dark skin came in and I decided that he would be my target.

    I could not get a clear shot at him for a couple of minutes as the other blue wildebeest kept on walking behind and in front of him.

    He finally gave me a broad side shot at 22 yards and remembering Ryno's words .... "you must make sure you pull up his hand brake hard"

    I drew back...

    The Carbon Express Maxima 350 Hunters arrows tipped with 125gr Slick trick standard broad heads was launched by my 75# 05 Allegiance....

    The white 4 inch VMax vanes disappeared in a flash in the death or vital triangle.

    The Bull jumped up and disappeared behind a bush 30 yards away while the rest of the Waterbuck and Blue wildebeest stood around not knowing what just happened.

    I called Ryno on the radio and told him that I shot a Blue Wildebeest Bull. That next 15 to 20 minutes waiting for the vehicle to come is always the worst as your mind start playing tricks on you.

    But when I looked out of the window where I shot from I could see the arrow and the white vanes was now bright red and I got that warm feeling on my tummy of satisfaction knowing that I did my part and that the shot was good.

    The next question is how far he will go as a Blue Wildebeest is a very tough animal even if wounded heavily and can keep you busy for some time.

    Ryno finally arrive and showing him the arrow he looked satisfied even though he still told me its a gut shot.

    We walked to the bush where I saw him last and as we walked around it....

    THERE HE IS !!!!!!

    The bull went down right behind the bush. You can see where he stood and then went down. There was blood all over the area.

    He did not go 30 yards from where I shot him.

    The Slick Tricks whistled trough the bull and here is the exit wound




    I hit a rib bone going in and the Slick Tricks just demolished the rib on entrance and then went trough both lungs and just above the hart trough the Aorta and out the other side giving me 100% penetration.

    A perfect vital triangle shot.

    Needless to say I was a very happy hunter and after three years hunting hard for this Blue Wildebeest Bull he will always have a special place in my hart.

    We did a couple of walk and stalks on Blue wildebeest as its still early in the morning but because of the swirling wind we could not get closer than 60 yards from a nice bull before we got busted by the wind.

    I decided to go and sit in another elevated hide for the afternoon hunt.
    I have seen Zebra visiting this hide on the game camera pictures and I also promised my wife that if I get the opportunity to get her a nice zebra skin.

    During the afternoon I watched laughing doves come in to drink in droves. There was so many that they actually bend some of the thorn trees.

    Just before sun set I heard an animal walking and when I looked out of the shooting window a Zebra stallion walked into the opening. He went to the salt lick.

    I got my bow and as I ranged him he turned broad side looking at the hide standing 23 yards away.

    I drew back and settled the 20 yard pin. But I forgot that I am in a elevated hide and aimed to low.

    I released the arrow an the lumi nok disappeared on the shoulder of the zebra.

    I watched him stumble and listen to him running trough the bush until everything went quite.

    I called Ryno on the radio and then settled down to wait for him.

    By the time Ryno arrived with his dog it was dark.

    Luckily I had my Primos Mini Bloodhunter flashlight with me.

    I climbed out of the hide and we walked over to where Zebra stood.

    We found where he stood at the shot and we found blood immediately. As we walked into the bush we found my arrow and I knew we might have a problem as the arrow is shattered. I knew I hit the big bone on the shoulder.

    It was now completely dark and I was amazed at the way the bloodhunter flashlight picked up the blood on the ground, grass and trees.

    After we followed the blood trail for about 200 meters we decided to let the dog go and we followed the blood trail.

    We heard the zebra stumble just in front and just then the dog started barking. After a mad rush trough the thorn brush we found the Zebra stumbling and as previously agreed Ryno shot him trough the head with the 375 H&H.

    If we have waited another 15 minutes we would have find down and out.

    The Slick Tricks destroyed the shoulder bone and penetrated into the chest.

    It was not a shot I am proud off but it was still effective….


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    Great story and pics Gerhard.
    Thanks for posting it.

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