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Aug 15, 2020
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I just read a great hunting report by MontanaPat about his hunt with NKWE Safaris. I truly enjoyed reading the post! Thank you.

In his report, MontanaPat states that the ranches he hunted in Botswana were fenced with three stranded barb wire fences for cattle.

My question: I thought the Botswana government required all hunting areas either be communal (dangerous game) or that the area be high fenced.

Please forgive me if my information is wrong. I am very serious in my post. I want to get information.

I have NO desire to enter into arguments, etc.

Quite simply, if Botswana allows plains game hunting on "ranches" that do not require high, game proof fencing, then it will impact my hunt planning.

I have hunted Africa on six occasions, and wish to return.

I am simply looking for information.

God Bless.
I to have been curious as well.
I will follow along and try and learn.

I did inquire via email when planning my first safari

Seems like a main camp/ranch is high fenced to have zebra, wildebeest ect then they hunt kudu on low fence ranches around the area. This was from when I inquired.

I guess Kudu are the only ones that move freely from high fences and free range? Because I was curious why there wasnt much else to hunt free range besides the kudu based on the answer I was given.

Love hearing everyone’s reports on NKWE. Seems like fun times
My understanding mirrors yours. I have hunted both government concessions and ranches in Botswana.

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