BOTSWANA: My Most Excellent Kanana Adventure

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Mar 30, 2013
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We were met at the Maun airport by Kanana rep Will (apprentice PH) and our journey began! The wife and I had chose to spend a few days at Afton House in Joberg prior to our safari and the stay was very relaxing and enjoyable. We were accompanied by a work colleague and his nephew who joined use in Joberg prior to our flight departure. Will stop to allow us to stretch our legs halfway through the 3.5 hour drive from Maun to the lodge which gave us the opportunity to gawk at a giant Baobab tree.
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We arrived at Kanana in time for a quick trip to the gun range before dark to get comfortable with the supplied firearms. I was shooting a CZ 550 in 30-06 that is hands down one of the best firearms I have ever handled. After a wonderful dinner under the stars we settled in for the night of rest with a herd of Blue Wildebeest running between our tents in the middle of the night. Welcome to Africa (it was great)! Apprentice Will gave the wakeup call @ 0600 and breakfast was served @ 0630. By 0700 we were on the truck and the adventure began. Our first Kalahari sunrise will forever be imprinted in our mind.

After numerous failed stalks (gemsbok, zebra, wildebeest...)that first morning due to the constant wind shift I was able to take my first African plains game, a fine Blue Wildebeest that measured 27" outside and had lots of height and curl. We had seen bigger that morning but I was very happy with my first kill and he is one of my favorite trophies taken.

An APB had been placed on a one horn waterbuck the night before that Kanana wanted shot in order to make a flat skin rug for a client. luck would have it we spotted it midday on the way to the skinning shed with my Blue and it was added to the truck. The broke horn was found later in the week so I have the option for a repaired European mount for the cost of the taxidermy work.

I can't say enough about my PH, a young man named J.P. who did and outstanding job for the whole trip. Having been raised in the area he was well versed in the native wildlife and went out of his way to not only ensure me the best shot but also show Sandy and I all the little things that normally go unnoticed. The other hunters said the wildebeest visited the camp again the second night but we never heard them.

After breakfast the next morning it was a repeat of the first morning. The winds were swirling and all our stalks were busted until midmorning when I harvested a nice 37" bull gemsbok out of a herd of seven animals at a water hole.
Late that afternoon a blind stalk to the "hippo'' water hole produced the first of three warthogs Sandy and I would harvest.
That's all for now, days 3-8 coming soon.
Glad to hear you had a great time can't wait for the rest if the story. Have you got any pics of camp?:thumb:
Great story so far......waiting for the rest.
Great stuff.
Great start to your hunting tale.
Looking forward to more.
Great report! Looking forward to more. Lenny
sound like you guys are apart of a steady stream of happy hunters after a great time spent a kanana.
great write up so far don't keep us waiting to long to finish your memories .
Thank you for sharing your hunt and pictures with all of us!
Excellent animals, congrats on a great hunt.
Awesome! I can't wait to go! Booked for August of next year!
Kanana does it again, great start to a safari, cant wait for the rest:)
Good start, we ll wait for the rest :popcorn:
Bobpuckett ask for pictures of the camp so I'll post several before getting to day three's adventure.

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The camp consist of four two man tents placed on rock/concrete foundations with all the comforts of home. On demand hot water heaters, indoor sink and toilet. Lighting is supplied by solar charged batteries. A car charger connection was available to charge electronic devices and 110 volt power located in the main lodge.


Breakfast was served in the main lodge which had a nice fire built for us every morning and a full open view of the water pan located just a few yards from the back of the building. A large herd of springbok would water every morning for our enjoyment along with the ever present warthog and waterbuck.


Supper was served under the stars by candle light and glow from the fire pit located in the open top round walled dinning enclosure.


Now let's get back to the hunting! :clapping:
Thanks Sand Rat That place is First Class all the way. Nice pics.:)
Day Three

Day three started with a few short impala stalks but just couldn't find the one we were looking for. After driving several miles on the north end of the ranch we spotted a nice herd of zebra several hundred yards off. After tracking them for around a mile through the thick brush we caught up with them only to find they had mixed with a large bunch of black wildebeest that kept running in circles. It was fun to watch but spoiled my zebra opportunity. Back on the truck we soon spotted a set of large eland tracks crossing the road and decided to test our bushman tracker's skills. Over the next two hours we jumped two eland bulls three times at less than thirty yards in the bush but the thick cover wouldn't allow a shot. By this time we were ready for lunch so we headed to water hole #1 and cleared out a nice spot to sit at the base of some trees and enjoy a well deserved sandwich. Just as soon as I finished my last bite my PH J.P. whispered in my ear that two zebra were approaching to our left and I should take the back one when the time was right. They both went to water and seemed to drink forever in my mind before the one I wanted turned and gave me a perfect straight on shot. J.P. gave me the OK and when the 30-06 trigger was pulled the stallion dropped dead in his tracks. It was an awesome rush of adrenaline and I don't think my feet hit the sand covering the 80 yards to reach my trophy.


We continued mid afternoon with another try at tracking eland without a sighting.

Day four update tomorrow.

very cool, keep then coming
This is good stuff. Looks like you had an excellent experience so far.
Your great report allows for me some preview for my visit coming up in August.
thank you again sandrat
those photos of camp only make the place look better
congrats on your new floor rug them markings are most handsome
Missing Photos

Here re the two missing photos from the first two post. I just learning the system and have made a few mistakes along the way.

Baobab tree

Tent interior

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in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well