Botswana Lions & Tanzania Fees - Update from the African Wildlife Consultative Forum

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Oct 1, 2007
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Botswana Lions & Tanzania Fees - Update from the African Wildlife Consultative Forum

The SCI sponsored African Wildlife Consultative Forum finished up on Friday, November 16, in Pemba, Mozambique. This meeting brought together government officials, outfitters and others in the hunting industry from all over southern Africa.

Botswana’s zero lion quota remains in effect at this time, however there was positive discussion between government officials and hunting industry representatives. The government said that it had to reduce the overall harvest of lions because of increased killing of lions that are causing agricultural damage.

Tanzania’s fee increases also remain in effect, although SCI was informed that talks between industry and government are going on at high levels. The Tanzania PH organizations represented at the AWCF emphasized that although they would like support for their position that the increases are unconstitutional, the solutions to the situation will only be found internally and direct foreign pressure will likely be received unfavorably.

On other issues, demand for elephant ivory is increasing in internal markets within China, the most significant user of ivory. Poaching and illegal shipments appear to be occurring in response to the demand.

Increase in illegal take of rhino horn is also occurring and alleged sport hunting has been implicated in the illegal trade. SCI will review the situation.

Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Namibia requested assistance from international hunting organizations for developing national lion strategies. This issue may be critical for sustainable use of lions since Kenya proposed listing lions at CITES 14 and may do so again at CITES 15.

Source: Safari Club international

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