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Glad I don’t have any Boeing stock but those who travel have little choice about having to fly on at least a few Boeings. Last month had Alaska Airlines jack around with my upcoming August flight times by a significant amount. Not a “seasonal adjustment” as they labeled it. I’m certain it had to do with pulling a bunch of their 737 Max planes offline.

In other news, Boeing Starliner is still plagued with issues while in the middle of their first crewed test flight. They think being years behind schedule and billions of US tax dollars over budget is going unnoticed- right! No excuse IMO. They’ve had access to all the cumulative legacy tech of NASA from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, STS since the late 50s and can’t figure out how to make basic reliable components, not to mention all the hardware/software interface glitches recurring over the first three test fights- two un-crewed now this first crewed flight. Personal opinion… but looks like a perfect storm of young arrogant engineers working for clueless bean counters.
I was pretty young but clearly remember several after dinner discussions when friends/family were visiting. In addition to family who flew in WWII, a nuclear weapons “weaponeer” would also occasionally be visiting and join the discussion. He was one of three assigned to babysit the two nukes that departed Tinian- one for each drop and one for ground support and back-up. The AAF had to add an extra crewman to those B29 nuke drops, a nuclear weapons tech, the “weaponeer”, to monitor the bombs to make sure the triggers and fuzes were operating and the weapons were armed correctly.

What impressed me most about all those involved, was their matter of fact nature, each knowing the huge responsibility of their task and the all too common and well known risk, whether it be mechanical failure or of being shot down. Maybe it is a type of fatalistic safety valve humans carry with them in those type circumstances.
The Failed salvage of "The Kee Bird" PBS/Nova
A crash-landed B29 found frozen in the Arctic. The years, expense, manpower to restore on site .. this was sad.







Fascination with the Superfortress .. Dialed in, the wheels finally break free of the snow & headed to it's runway ..
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My morning flight on United from Denver to LaGuardia on June 15th was completely cancelled due to a mechanical issue on a MAX. Didn’t get to NY until midnight.

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