Black bear FALL hunt advices please!


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May 1, 2014
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I have an opportunity to hunt black bear in Labrador Canada in August 2016.
Do you think the period and the area are good for this species please?
This will be my first bear hunt.
Thank you for your advices ?
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Hounds or bait? August seems a little early. But Canada usually is a good place to get it done but with bears there is too many factors to say it is good or bad either way. Good luck though, I love hunting bears.
I've Ontario, but never been to Labrador, so I may be wrong on some things. But late August should be a good time for bears since I hunt them on early September in Wisconsin. I'm guessing you're hunting over bait. There is nothing I've gotten the chance to experience yet like sitting absolutely still and silent for hours and days and suddenly, silently, there is this beautiful, jet black creature that often seems to appear out of thin air. You thought you were still before the bear appeared, but now you don't even breathe for fear of scaring it away. It takes 2 or 3 eternities to decide if it's one you want to take, another to pray the bear into the right position and line up the shot. Remember to start breathing again. I probably will never have the money to hunt leopard, but I can only imagine it's similar.
We have a saying about bear hunting, sometimes you gets the bear, sometime the bear gets you.

Don't forget a thermacell!

Good luck and enjoy!
Thank you for your replies.:)
I' have interest for Labrador because the outfitter said is hunt on bait but approach hunt is also available an is 1 PH/ 1 hunter.
First week of september will be better ?
I live and hunt a long ways from Labrador, but know a bit about the region even though I haven't personally been there. Bear in Labrador are not very likely to be eating salmon, the Atlantic salmon do not concentrate in the streams like Pacific salmon do. Black bears are most likely to be eating berries at that time of year. Bait will probably be effective, but you could also hunt spot/stalk style in the berry meadows. Fall season is short in Labrador, like all of arctic Canada. August in Labrador will be like September in more southerly regions, so late August should be a good time to get a nice fat bear. Depending on exactly where in Labrador, by the middle of September might be snow and freezing temperatures. Fur is longest and "best" in spring, but fall bears can have nice fur coats too. Fall black bears that eat berries, not fish, can be quite good to eat, hope you get to try some meat too! ( cook it well) Bring a fishing rod. Wonderful fishing can be experienced in the lakes and rivers at that time of year
when your hunting is done. Good Luck!
Bear hunting at this time should be no problem, have shot numerous bears around the last weekend in Aug in Ontario. Hunting over bait is a good method to judge the size of bears and to verify there are no cubs. Like one had mentioned you could be sitting there minding your own business, turn your head and there looking at you is a bear. Amazing animals how they can sneak in.
The other thing i would recommend is to listen, if you hear what sounds like a "popping" teeth sound that bear is close and knows you are there, which is real fun
Spot and stalk is an option, lots of roads to walk and likely cut overs
Are you gun or archery hunting?
I would also recommend getting a Thermacell to keep the flies away, they work awesome, and don't seem to bother the bears
A black bear hunt is in my future! Good luck and hope to read your hunt report!
I went on my first black bear hunt last fall in Alberta. It was a blast. Highly recommended (y)
Thanks for the reply Matt!
Ontario finally lifted the spring bear hunt and this will be the first year its open to everyone, hope to sneak out for one

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