Bitterroot Valley Ammunition (.375 H&H 285gr GS)

Discussion in '.375 & Up' started by Ticonderoga, Jan 27, 2011.

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    I saw some relatively inexpensive .375 H&H ammo at Cheaper Than Dirt & thought I'd pick up a few boxes. Going on a boar hunt in Central Texas in March and wanted to give the new Min Mod 70 a feel; I figured that if I started hunting with it now I'll be more comfortable and familiar with it when it comes time for a Buffalo.

    .375 H&H 285gr Grand Slam

    Anyhows, anyone have any experience with this company? "Bitterroot Valley Ammunition?"

    Looks like a 285gr Grand Slam at about 2650fps. Seems like a decent load for practice and fodder (certainly will be enough for hogs).
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    They are a good small company putting out very good ammo. I have not shot the load you mention. But I have some 285 Grand Slams for my 375 H&H and think they are a good cape buffalo load. Not to many people use them because of Nosler and Hornady...but Speer Grand Slam bullets are very good.

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