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    Hello all I’ve got a few openings this spring and early summer we could put a very nice Bison meat hunt together.
    Hunt is 2 days/3 nights for 1 bison and unlimited wild hogs/predators. Bison will be cows but I can do trophy bulls as well if someone is interested.
    Day fees-$600
    Trophy fee for Bison-$3500
    It will be a fun hunt and you will get a ton of good healthy meat. I will skin and quarter your animal and pack it in coolers. After it is down at the ranch it will be kept in our cold storage facility.
    Also if you want to add an extra day just to fish and shoot sporting clays I will give an extra day at 50% off! So add only $150 to make it a 3 day/4 night trip!

    605C2B9B-45A4-49E2-A815-405889F0284F.jpeg 1320108A-ED84-4287-823A-94357D93D16E.jpeg CB1A036A-9DCE-4A03-9A86-907222316307.jpeg 3676A0AE-EA1E-4C1C-8EB3-A21CB4813ED5.jpeg 8E9B6E7B-3D04-4A93-84C6-A94181C21E10.jpeg 88E3DDB3-CA62-440A-B81E-929356399950.jpeg
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