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    Dear Forum members. Here's a clip just published by Times Of Oman. We took the journos out a couple of years ago and they printed an article and pictures at the time. I did not know they had also filmed stuff.

    Below is the result link. nb Never trust a journalist. The never allow proof reading or release letter, at least in Oman. (it is clearly a Sailfish NOT a Marlin) also the fish caught, though tagged and released had bled out as it had been gill-hooked . A pity they showed the retrieval of the casualty right at the end. (We spent 20 minutes trying to revive the fish before the release but it went "belly-up" so retrieved. Was not wasted as after 6 hrs curing in brown sugar and salt then hot smoked over hickory wood-chips it was sublime) When they did the written the article mentioned "Elephant Tuna" when it should have been "Yellow-fin" Tuna!! ..Hey ho Lesson learned

    PS we now ONLY use circle hooks when live-baiting. Other than that I hope you enjoy..

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    Bucket list ...for sure .

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