BETTER QUESTIONS to ask when looking for a hunt

QUESTION: Do you have many repeating clients?
BETTER QUESTION: What is the returning clients %?

QUESTION: Please provide me your reference list.

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QUESTION: Do you have gin?
BETTER QUESTION: Do you have Bombay Sapphire?
Another angle on References:
How many PH's work for you?
How long have your PH's hunted with you?

Please provide a list of all PH's who have worked for you in the last three years in all your operations?
@BRICKBURN post at and this thread prompted this addition.

"Hunters check references for the hunt, rarely for the taxidermist."

QUESTION: What is the name of the taxidermist that you use for your clients?
BETTER QUESTION: Can you please provide me with the name of the dip & pack company and taxidermist that you recommend? Please also provide me with the contact information of a couple other good and reputable taxidermists that I could also consider using.

"With that information on hand contact the taxidermist(s) and get pictures of the latest work that was delivered from X number of current references of the species you are hunting. Even if you only get the "happy client" you can see the work for yourself and judge what actually got shipped."
I know this thread is from a while ago, but I am finding it very valuable. Thank you for starting it. As a prospective first time client, it is hard to know what to ask, and how to ask it. I really appreciate the pointers. Some of the questions were on subjects I hadn't even thought of!
I know this thread is from a while ago, but I am finding it very valuable. Thank you for starting it. As a prospective first time client, it is hard to know what to ask, and how to ask it. I really appreciate the pointers. Some of the questions were on subjects I hadn't even thought of!

Keep reading here and ask every question you can think of that you can't find an answer to!

This site is an incredible resource.
This is an ongoing thread like most threads here, nothing really gets old... Anyone is welcome to add and share their own knowledge and experience. Please do contribute to this thread. (y)
QUESTION: Do you have gin?
BETTER QUESTION: Do you have Bombay Sapphire?
What type of vehicles will we used during the hunt? Are they 4x4? (I had a PH with a 2x4 Hi-Lux and struggled in places).

Does the PH have tracking dogs? (With dogs, you don't lose wounded animals).

Does the PH have a driver and/or trackers?

Lastly, do you have a room and does your dog bite?

Question: What type of game meat do you serve for dinner?

Better question: Can I help cull some animals for meat?

Edit: next question from the outfitter goes: Are you comfortably with head shots?
With the better answer is «yes».
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It would be great if someone could take this info and compile like a checklist and query list in a document form like this one I found from another site. I would save a lot of tears and frustration for most hunters and also for outfitters and PH's.


1. Get the pricelist of everything (animals, trophy animals, pay per shot/weight/carcass, wounded animals, PH cost, lodging, all extras like guide. trackers, skinners, vehicles, freezing, facilities, food and beverages etc.) and the complete set of farm/PH/outfitter rules (Take your copy with to the farm).

2. Clarify, in WRITING, any of the rules that are not clear or questions you have with regards to matters not covered by the rules. NB is VAT included or excluded? How many hunting parties on the farm at one time? Wounded animals, amount of shots fired? Etc. etc.

3. Will you be accompanied/mentored/guided/shadowed by a PH/guide/tracker? PH, outfitter, tracker or guide qualification/affiliation, experience and ability of the person.

4. Clarify in writing any cancellation fees due to personal circumstances, injury, bad weather, veldfires, crime incidents , vehicle failure etc. etc.

5. Tell the farmer/PH/outfitter what your species wish list is and ask what the realistic chances are of success on an X-day hunt. How many of that species have been taken off already this year and how many are on quota to be taken off for the season.

6. Be clear about what type of accommodation you are looking for and ask whether the farm's accommodation meets those requirements.

7. Be clear of anything you need specifically like favourite liquor, food, internet etc. etc.

8. Clarify everything that needs clarification in writing e.g. by asking your questions over e-mail. If the farmer/PH/outfitter answers verbally then send him an e-mail summarizing the discussion. "It was nice speaking with you earlier. The following matters were clarified in our discussion ......" (Print all of above and take your copy with you to the farm)

9. Ask for a list of past clients that you could speak to. (Phone at least one or two for confirmation)

10. Ask about people's experiences at the farm/PH/outfitter on Hunting Forums.

11. Do a search on the farm name/PH/outfitter for compliments, complaints, good or bad services.

12. For cross-border/overseas hunts make sure all firearm, ammunition, animal trophy (cities) import and export permits, documents and shipping documents are in place (additional cost involved?) and take a copy or original document along.

13. If you want to bring back meat from a local or cross-border/overseas hunt make sure you have a valid Meat transport permit and the necessary Import and Health permit.

14. Hunting is expensive and budgets are tight. It pays to do your homework.
Also ask them if the WIND IS WRONG WILL they MOVE to another blind, some will some wont, it doesn't sit to well with me hunting with the wind wrong.

@kathy post at prompted this addition. Thx @kathy!

QUESTION: What type of bow blinds do you have?
BETTER QUESTION: What type of bowhunting blinds are you using and how many of each do you have, please be specific, permanent, moveable, ground hides, elevated stands, makeshift natural blind? Do you use them in combination? What are each one made made of? How many people can fit comfortably in the bow blinds? Can one stand up and shoot upright with a bow in the blind? Are the blinds moveable? If moveable, how long prior to the bow hunt do you set them up? Do you have moveable blinds that can quickly be set up upon arrival at the bow hunt location if need be due to a dominant wind? Should the dominant wind be bad at one location, do you have options to move right away to another location with favorable wind? Are all your permanent blinds erected in relationship to the waterholes/water point/salt licksother strategic places for the same dominant wind? Can you please share me pictures of your bow blinds? How many waterholes/water point/salt licksother strategic places do you bowhunt from?
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QUESTION: Do you take more than one group of hunters at a time?
BETTER QUESTION: At this time do you have any other hunters booked for the time period that I am considering coming hunting with you? What is the maximum number of hunters and non-hunting guests that you could have during the time that I will be there at your lodge? What is the maximum number of hunters that could be hunting the same area as me during my hunting safari?
Are they targeting the same species on the same property? How big is said property?
This is an excellent thread and one that every hunter considering going to Africa (or going again) should read
Are you licensed?

Which provinces or countries are you currently licensed as an Outfitter?
Which provinces or countries are you currently licensed as a Professional Hunter?
What are your current license/Permit numbers?
These might have saved me some of the headaches I experienced from post-hunt until the taxidermy arrived in the U.S...

-- As some of these questions pertain to any guided hunt... this thread should be bookmarked by everyone who plans to go on a guided hunt anywhere.
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