Best Practices Applicable to Hunting in Southern Africa

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    International and Regional Best Practices and Lessons Applicable to Sport and Recreational Hunting in Southern Africa
    Final draft prepared by Vernon Booth on behalf of Panel of Experts (POE), South African Department of Environmental Affairs


    Download the entire article at View attachment 2778 .

    Executive Summary
    This paper, that examines the international and regional best practices in managing and administering recreational and sport hunting, has been prepared on behalf of the Panel of Experts appointed by the Minister of Environment and Tourism in South Africa whose brief it is to develop norms and standards for the regulation of hunting in South Africa.

    The topics examined include international trends with regard to ethics and codes of conduct for professional and recreational hunting; trends in professional and recreational hunting management and administration; and key best practices, norms and standards that guide the different aspects of the professional and recreational hunting industry.

    The report examines published data on the hunting industries of Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe as well as consultations with key stakeholders from these countries. Data from Europe is provided for comparison.

    A distinction is made between “recreational hunting” that refers to hunting activities undertaken by citizens of the countries and “sport (or safari) hunting” in which professional outfitters and hunters are contracted to guide an international client on a hunt to secure a specific “bag” of trophy animals. The administration and management of this form of the hunting industry attracts the most attention and requires the highest levels of management from wildlife authorities.

    Download the entire article at View attachment 2778 .
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