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Discussion in 'Before & After the Hunt' started by merlin, May 24, 2010.

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    I would like to pass a long a couple of thing that I do.

    first about a year ago i bought a treager BBQ it runs on wood pellets which you can get in different flavors , it works on the same principal as a pellet stove . has a smoke feature and real low cook temps. works well on lean cuts like moose. best thing i have ever cooked on.

    to try some things different with a roast turn it on end and take a butcher knife run it through the centre top to bottom then turn 90 deg and due it again. this will make x cut through the centre of the roast. next get a big sasuage ( what ever flavor you like ) have it just slightly thawed, place down through the centre of the roast. cook as normal the flavor of the sasuage will work it way in to the roast as well as keeping it moist.


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