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Hello all:

Response to this bulk order has been great - thank you. It's time, however, to begin to put a bow on it so I can place the order and get the books stateside and on to you.

I will keep taking names until the end of next week, Friday, May 31, 5pm Mountain Time. At that time I will consider the books 'closed' for orders. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please send them the thread. After the cut-off, orders will need to wait until a second buy (if the number justifies it - no promises). When they arrive, I will then reach out to those who have a reservation.

Many people have asked about a signed copy. I have passed the interest on to Mr. Shah, however I cannot make personal promises on behalf due to schedules or other logistical matters that may arise.

Thank you.

Again, I am posting the process below for reference - thank you.

I have had a productive conversation with Mr. Shah regarding a bulk order of Baagh Shikari for the US. In order to proceed, I will need to get an accurate count of those of you who are interested in purchasing a copy. Just by guessing I think it'll be in the 20-25 range, but would like to get more feedback if possible - if you know anyone who might be interested, please send them this thread. I am still finalizing a few bits regarding shipping, but will follow up with you - I want this to be a reasonable proposition for everyone.

Here's how it will work:

1) Send me your name, address, email, and number of books you would like to me by private message.
2) I will confirm your reservation with a unique order number.
3) Once I have a final order count, I will confirm the cost. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT AT THIS TIME.
4) Once I have the books in hand, I will reach out to everyone on the list and will then accept payments and ship the books.

I think this should be a straight-forward process. Please let me know via PM (just to keep this thread clean) if you have any questions.
Looks like a few more books (outside the bulk order) are on their way! Thank you Mr Shah and @HunterHabib !
Good evening Hunter Habibsaheb. Do you have a distributor in India from whom I could purchase a copy.
Thank you,
Good evening Hunter Habibsaheb. Do you have a distributor in India from whom I could purchase a copy.
Thank you,
Hi, Bapu. Always great to hear from you. Please inbox me and I'll see to it that you're accommodated.

Thank you to all who sent me your information. I will now place the order to get the books.

For those of you who have a number, I will communicate with you outside of this thread from here on out.

Super excited I have a number!!!! Can’t wait to read this book about one of my mentors!!!
Meant to post this earlier, but I messaged Hunter-Habib and purchased two copies directly via wire transfer. Everything was very polite, smooth, and professional and I received my books in good shape! Haven’t read it yet, but it looks incredibly interesting!

If you’re thinking you’d like a copy and didn’t get in on a bulk order, I would say don’t hesitate! Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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