AUSTRALIA: Buffalo Hunt With Ironbark Outfitters

Gerry Addison

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Oct 5, 2015
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Just returned from hunting with Tyler Cobb, operator of Ironbark Outfitters and what a great hunt we had. I'll keep things short and sweet but try to give you the information needed. The ranch he has leased is 930,000 acres and it is absolutely loaded with buffalo, scrub bulls, and hogs. This is an archery only area so no rifles and he is the only operator hunting this ranch. Tyler is 28 years old and is a one man outfit who does it all. He picks you up at McArthur River airport, cooks for you (great food), and guides you. Runs a great tented camp, on the banks of a river where you can fish, and takes care of your every need. Super nice guy to hunt with and will hunt as hard as you want to hunt. The ranch is loaded with buffalo and I have no idea how many bulls my friend and I saw during our 6 day hunt but I can tell you we had 18 stalks where we were 35 yards or less on shooter bulls before we got one at the right angle for a one shot kill. We both ended up taking great bulls and had the time of our lives. My friend and I have hunted all over the world and I can tell you this hunt ranks right at the top of the list. Feel free to contact me for additional information and also visit his website. I promise you, you won't be sorry if you decide to hunt with him. My email is

Great bull and sounds like a high quality operation.
Great fun to be stalking in that close repeatedly.
Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!
Great bull, congrats !
Congratulations on one fine buffalo!
Congrats on a mighty fine, properly aged, Trophy bull.
Great looking bull, Congrats!!
Sounds like some thrilling archery hunting, in the land down under.

Nice Buffalo!
A very good bull. Sounds like you had a great time.
Very nice bull and by the way,congratulations.
Nice bull, especially for an archery kill. Love to hear a few more details about your stalks and how it went down with the one you took. Congrats
Fabulous bull. Hope your buddy also posts pic of his bull. Logistics of getting there went well? ............FWB
Awesome bull! Congrats!

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