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May 5, 2009
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I have not watched the tv for quite some time now and have instead searched out documentaries etc on the computer and lately have been listening to audio books and in particular the Wilbur Smith series. Have really been enjoying the experience of listening rather than watching and have realised that it takes me back to my childhood when there was no tv and I was never in a picture theater so our excitment came when the stories were on the wireless in the evening. It was so captivating and we would listen intently with our imagination taking us to the place of the story and into the company of the characters which is a missing characteristic of a movie as that dimension is removed. A watcher can not be a participant and so I am really enjoying this regression to my childhood but with m ore grown up and relevant stories.

There are many more but the links are available on the posted books.

Ken Follets books are a good listen

A couple more I have bookmarked but havent yet got to

Wulf the Saxon

Sea wolves

Twelve years in the saddle
I'm an avid listener of books during my commute. Recently finished up Alexander Kent's Bolitho historical fiction series on the royal navy.

Also, podcast are great. Of late, I've been hooked on "The Rest is History," with British historians Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland.
+1 on Ken Follett books.
Audio books are car travel time machines.

Instead of "Are we there yet?", it's "Maybe I'll just drive around the block a few times til this chapter is over".

Audio books are car travel time machines.

Instead of "Are we there yet?", it's "Maybe I'll just drive around the block a few times til this chapter is over".

I am an avid book listener since I travel quite a bit and lugging a book around just adds unnecessary weight and clutter to my bag. One of my favorite authors is W. E. B. Griffin and 3 of my favorites of his series are:
The Corps
Brotherhood of War
Presidential Agent
Countless hours of entertainment with these books.

When I have some road travel to do, I do enjoy listening to the Big Game Hunting podcast. Especially when it is about Africa hunting :)
For US listeners (and perhaps international but I don’t know), check and see if your local library has a digital library as well. In Texas, many of the public libraries have digital holdings that can be accessed as long as you have a library card connected to their system.
A lot of libraries use the ‘Libby’ app through which you can listen to audiobooks right through the app on your phone. You can also download digital books to your Kindle or electronic reader all for free.
I also use the Audible app for audiobook listening, but it is very nice to be able to listen for free on Libby. And as y’all can imagine, most of the books that the people on this forum would like don’t have any wait times or holds on them from the library collections.
As a person who has and will in the future continue to dabble in publishing, I’d only ask that listeners not encourage piracy. While the internet and digital media make sharing easy, it doesn’t do much for the bottom line of anyone who actually writes the books.

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