Arno Bernard Knife - Sheep Horn Rinkhals Slip Joint Folder

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    Sheep Horn Rinkhals Slip Joint Folder
    Arno Bernard Exclusive


    This Arno Bernard knife takes you back to simpler time, when your first pocket knife opened and closed without any locking mechanism. Earlier this year, a well-known US maker took home the “American Made Knife of the Year” with a slip joint design. This updated version of the classic slip joint is 6.5” overall with a 2.8” blade and a full sized 3.7” frame with a 2.8” handle inlay. It features a beautiful design with a versatile, RWL34 stainless steel blade, a nail nick for easy opening and a thumb notch for comfort. Just like your old Buck®, Western® or Case®, the blade features a mirror finish. The hand-sewn, leather slip protects it in your pocket and the matching bead attached to the leather lanyard makes it easy to access. This lightweight knife sheds ounces by using Titanium for the frame, pocket clip, collar and screws and only weighs 2.3 ounces!

    rinkhals-sh4.jpg rinkhals-sh.jpg

    The slip joint mechanism of this knife features an innovative “safety “when it is approximately halfway open which causes the blade to be under very little tension so it is easy to move your fingers out of the way before tension builds again and assists you in closing (or opening) the knife. Most slip joint knives have continuous tension throughout their entire range, which in some cases causes the blade to close before you can get your fingers out of the way. Since this knife does not have a mechanism that locks it open, always cut with the blade going away from you to prevent injury.

    rinkhals-sh2.jpg rinkhals-sh3.jpg

    There are two naturally stabilized choices for handle inlays; natural sheep horn (featured here) or dyed giraffe shin bone.

    Knife is 6.5” overall with a 2.8” blade and a full sized 3.7” frame with a 2.8” handle inlay.


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