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    Words from a PH, Arnaud Mermet

    This article has been translated from French to English by Google translate. The original French version can be found below.

    Here is an article that was published in a French hunting magazine, Connaissance de la Chasse, from an interview that I did in France.

    Elephant hunted in the Selous, 62 & 63 pounds (28.12 & 28.57 kilograms) 73.22 inches (1.86 meter)

    Q: Tell us about your discovery of hunting ... (When, where, with whom, etc..)
    A: I started to follow my father's hunting at the age of 5 years.

    Hunting is a tradition in our family as we pass from generation to generation.

    Q: By what means did you become a professional hunting guide
    A: I discovered hunting in Africa completely by chance, at the age of 15 years, while I watched television. I saw a documentary that talked about the life of Henri Yet Tops and his hunting area in Cameroon. This has been a revelation to me.

    Q: By what means did you become a professional hunting guide
    A: It's a long story I'll try to summarize.

    After graduation in the field of interior design in France, my father, through a friend found me a job in a construction company in Senegal. We are in 1986, I discovered Africa is a real shock, I was immediately excited for this continent.

    Having not forgotten the film the life of Henry Eyt Tops, I just want it to integrate a hunt in Africa. Two years later, I finally have an opportunity.

    At the Hotel Asta Kebe in 1988 as I lived my first experience in Senegal Oriental. We hunt small game.

    After this experience, I want to go further and discover the great hunt in Africa.

    On my return to France I contacted Alain Raoul organizer hunting in Cameroon. Having agreed to an appointment in Paris over lunch, I will never forget ... I am engaged in Cameroon!

    These early years of bush are exciting, I learn my trade with Alain and my trackers. I hunt mostly in savannah, in my first year, Alain trusts me and I guide my first safari...

    In 1990 at the end of our season in Savannah, I'm leaving on an expedition with Alain Raoul south of Cameroon, with the aim of exploring the vast forest and perhaps install a hunting area. We will spend several weeks. This was an opportunity for me to get my first trophy African, a magnificent Bongo.

    Bongo in South of Cameroun in 1989

    Bongo Hunted in C.A.R.

    After this adventure Alain opens his first hunting camp in the forest, then for me the beginning of hunting, bongo, elephant forest, and hunting with pygmies...

    I meet colorful professional hunters like Marcel Dupel Rene Ruchaud (for the anecdote is Rene to my knowledge is the first to have driven the bongo dogs in Cameroon, in fact when I Rene met, he had brought from France dogs to hunt bongo!). Rene at that time already a great hunting experience in Africa had certainly been inspired by the pygmies!

    Q: Apart from Tanzania, where did you exercise? (When and for whom?)
    A: I worked in Senegal at the Hotel Asta Kebe, Cameroon in Alain Raoul, but also from C.A.R. Matthew Plowman and Benin in Jean-Pierre Bernon.

    Big Giant eland hunted in C.A.R., taken on the first day of the safari - 42 inches (1.06 meter). It was the nï½° 12 in 2002

    Q: Where do you work in Tanzania? (company names and locations of hunting areas on which you work, etc..)
    A: I exercise in Tanzania in the most amazing companies hunting in Africa: Tanganyika Wildlife Safari Company. We hunt on 2 huge territories the Selous and the Masai Country.

    We arrange our safaris in the finest traditions of African hunting. It is a paradise.

    Q: What are the advantages of hunting the mythical country
    The diversity of species hunted and the Selous Country Massai. The opportunity to hunt all animals of this great country. In Tanzania, a hunter can hunt with a permit 21 days: 1 lion, 1 leopard, 1 elephant, 3 buffalo, 1 hippopotamus, 3 large antelopes plus all other game species.

    This is the last country in Africa where hunting is possible.

    Buffalo hunted in Massai land Tanzania - 43 inches

    Q: You seem very attracted by the hunting of cats... (Elaborate)
    A: Yes I chase cats, but I also like other African species.

    The hunting of large elephants for example, is fascinating.

    This year, we collected some very fine specimens. Our areas of southern Selous are fantastic hunting areas for big elephants. Populations have exploded in recent years. This year one of our French hunter shot an elephant in 38 kg over 2m10! (see photo), another has fired one of 33kg for more than 2 meters.

    Big Elephant taken in Selous with PH Eric Pasanisi et Jean-louis Masson. 83.77 pounds (38 kilograms) & 73.22 inches (2.10 meters)

    Elephant from above

    Big Elenpahnt hunted in Tanzania with PH Fran輟is Lyonnet at Pasanisi 72.75 pounds (33 kilograms)

    Last year my colleague Fran輟is Lyonnet shot an elephant in exceptional that we believe more than 50 kg (see photo) For the record this elephant was not fired, he is still in the bush.

    Elephant estimated to be oner a hundred pound. Picture taken by my friend and PH Fran輟is Loynnet in 2008. This Elephant is still in the Selous!!

    Q: The lookout is the only method of hunting that you practice against them
    A: With my team, I also hunt the lion to call it an exciting hunting technique that I learned in Central Africa. This year we had the chance to take two beautiful lion mane this way.

    Lion hunted in the Selous, Lion taken by calling and shot at 25 yards (25 meters)

    Lion hunted in the Selous

    Q: lion or leopard, which is most dangerous to your eyes
    A: Both can be very dangerous, but certainly the power to weight ratio of a lion will leave you less likely to survive if it catches you!

    Q: What (s) size (s) and what (s) munition (s) do you recommend to take these beasts? (explain why)
    A: The 375 and 416 (Rigby or Remington) are excellent weapons for hunting in Africa. These 2 guns are very versatile and allow hunters to take any of the largest to the smallest species.

    Q: Have you ever lived charges from these animals? (a telling example)
    A: Yes, lion and leopard. This season we've been very lucky after a big leopard charge!

    Big Leopard hunted in Massai Land. In this part of Africa we hunt very big Leopards

    Q: How are the populations of lions in Tanzania
    A: Well, a study is currently underway. Its aim is among others to analyze the density of lion in the country. According to some sources the people listed above are what we thought.


    Q: What are the measures that currently govern their hunting in this country
    A: We must take the lions over 6 years who are not accompanied by their families.
    The population of cats is fairly easy to manage when it meets these criteria. These are animals that reproduce quickly and in large numbers.

    Q: What is your definition of a "great" lion
    A: Old ... but obviously if he is carrying a beautiful mane ....

    Q: You are loyal to Tanzania. Another country with a great hunting attracts you there? (details ...)
    A: There are some countries like the C.A.R. when I go back with pleasure, but also the forest in Cameroon and why not one day will find hunting in Asia.

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