ARGENTINA: Vizcachas Typical Animal Hunted In My Country!

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Jul 13, 2014
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Yes, my friends! Argentina, my coutry, is the natural home of the VIZCACHA ("lagostoma maxima", the scientific name) a mammal who lives in large herds or family groups, under the soil, in a caves were they sleep and live during the daylight and leave in the dawn to feed and make your "bussines..."
The vizcacha, it´s a very challenge animal for hunt! The meat is very appreciate, very nice, taste and delicated... used in a lot of ways and cooked as many form as the imagination can make!
Also, the caves of the vizcacha, make this animal a "plague" for the cattering and agriculture! Because thath, the goverment declare this animal a PLAGUE, and the hunters, ar very glad of that! because there is no restrictions for hunt, no seasons (depends of the province legislation)
The hunt is all practiced at night! and about this... many books are able to be write because ther are not one, two, or three... there are a lot of ways to do the job!
Usually we use the .22 caliber, but many hunters prefer the .17 HMR or the 22 mag... some uses the .223, and I... fanatic one, the 7,65x53 ARGENTINO, with a low and subsonic charge and lead bullets of 180 1000 fps...a luminous scope of 4 or 6 x.... and a flashlight, if the night is dark, and at the moonlight, without artificial light, too... the shots placement, all the times, there should be at the HEAD... there are the only chance to take down this animal, without the possibility of woun them and loose in the caves (the vizcacha even deadly wouded, are very resistant...and shrink in the caves, deeply... IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH THEM... and die here...)
In fact, any of you, fellows, wich travel to my country and like to test this beautiful, challenging, and interestin hunt, talk with me! I´m pleasure to be your guide...
any pics!

HERE, WITH MY TWO SONS (12 AND 8 AGES) In this time, the older one take three of them, with 4 shots... MASTERHUNTER HAHA... in my hands, the Norinco JW15 cal 22 LR... subsonic bullets...

Manuel with a bull (the male, king of the herd, is caññed "vizcachon", the shape and weight is very large than the common vizcacha) This particular was sot down with the MAUSER and subsonic charge... The shot at the ear was FORMIDABLE)

A sauce cooked by my wife, Marcela, you don´t imagine!!! AWESOME.... my god!

And... a couple os videos!
The boy´s shooting... and hunting with me!
Enjoy this...
Sorry, if you not understand the spell.... WE SPEAK IN SPANISH HERE... HAHAHA
And finally, a hunt with a couple of friendo of an argentinian forum
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pretty cool. never heard of them before.
Look and seem a lot like rabbits.
when I was a kid, I hunted a lot of rabbits using a flashlight and 22 rifle.
We called the flashlight our "one eyed beagle".
(wasn't legal to hunt them at night)
Aaahhh Marcos, you did my day.......what a nice post, I really enjoy alot reading I said, is a good way to share diferents hunts and animals of the world, very good work.....I have hunted lots of vizcachas but in this item.......YOU ARE THE MASTER my friend......!!!!

The only crazy who use the 7.65 mm with low loads as a .22 rifle hahahaha......beyond this let me tell you, I really apreciate to see you hunting with your kids......priceless must be a very proud father......!!!!!

Very well done, good post Marcos.......thank you.....!!!!
Savage Hunter! like rabbits? MM... i guess NOT... they are more likely the "prairie dog"... but in fact, the vizcacha is only available in argentina... the only site in the world were they lives!
The flashlight and others methods of artificial illumination, are admitted to hunt this animal! I unt rabbits, ages ago, and in the difficult of the hunt, are very similar!
Very pleased with your comments!... You know... i going to hunt this little animals every week! Just yesterday i hunt with Matias, my younger son, it´s very easy to make a hunting party here because the caves are very near my home! In 10 or 15 minutes after going of my house, I´m shooting the vizcachas! hahaha... Yesterday, we hunt 8 of this!

Proud father? hahaha.... I don´t know just the translation to the word "baboso" but... yes! i´m very proud!
Not only of my kids! the develops and experiments I do about the charge of the mauser 7,65 nd others calibers, any of this "crazy things" what I do and test in the field with possitive results, make me a proud man too!!
Un abrazo, amigo mio!
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Excelent comments in your reply Marcos and keep going with all those field test, you do.....I know you are capable man to do it.....!!!!!

Otro abrazo amigo.....!!!!!!
I pulled them up on google images and in Wickedpedia and some of the various strains looked like rabbits with a long tail.
Aclaration!!! this is a pic of a VIZCACHA itself... night animal.... this is what I HUNT...


This another animal, who lives in the mountains and rocks, and use DAYLIGHT for your bussines, its a parent, but NOT the vizcacha... It´s called in any different names, like "pilquin", "ardilla" (squirrell) and any more names...

Both of this animals are close parentals, and the chinchilla too!
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Nice write up and videos. Thanks for sharing. Bet my 22-250 would do a number on them. My favorite caliber for prairie dogs! Good luck with your hunting. Bruce
Nice write up and videos. Thanks for sharing. Bet my 22-250 would do a number on them. My favorite caliber for prairie dogs! Good luck with your hunting. Bruce
TOO MUCH the 22-250! jajajajaja..... Specially if... you might preserve any part of he meat! hahaha.... THE VIZCACHA EXPLODES !!! :LOL::LOL:
The 22 LR is the best opcion! Don´t forget the hunt time in at the NIGHT... But... thinking a lot about this, the 22-250, SOLID bullets an a bipod... MY GOD... shots at 200 yards, in a good night! Nothing bad! (y)(y)
Thank you Marcos and ROCKET,

The vizcacha is a new animal for me to learn about.
I just learned something new and I appreciate it.

Mil gracias mis amigos,
Velo Dog.
Thank you Marcos and ROCKET,

The vizcacha is a new animal for me to learn about.
I just learned something new and I appreciate it.

Mil gracias mis amigos,
Velo Dog.
You are wellcome! It´s a pleasure to me to do my little part and cooperate to the dyversity of this beautiful forum!
I celebrate you like this!
This can sound rare, but I live all of my life in this countriside, and share this thing, a part of my life, it´s very important to me! But, at the same time, think "who will enjoy this things? Who can understand OUR style of hunt (and life also) " but the life surprise me, every time!
Thank you... and i say anything more... all things I ignore of the vizcacha, can be writed in a thumbnail! hahahaha.... But, sometimes, this little animals surprise me...
Everything you want to learn about this, ask me!
Marcos, gracias mi amigo, muey amable.

Yes I agree that a healthy life out in the countryside is a life well lived!

I guess a regular .22 rifle is the one to use for shooting vizcachas?

Adios for now,
Velo Dog.

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