ARGENTINA: On My Way To Hunt The Red Stag Roar With Rocket!


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Dec 12, 2011
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I bought a 5 day free range red stage hunt on auction at Minnesota SCI. Normally not into auction hunts, but something seemed familiar about MG Hunting and it was a great deal. Good for '17 or '18. So I ended up buying it.

Researched and reached out to our own Rocket on here and confirmed he is a guide with MG. Also discovered there was an opening during the roar right now so I'm in the airport and will be in camp tomorrow! God willing.

Hoping to get a Blackbuck as secondary. And we'll see what else works out... this coming week is a 6 day hunt so got an extra day included.

Well about to board Aero Argentina!
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Great job. Hope you get a stud. Keep us updated on the hunt. Best of luck. Bruce
Take lots of pictures!

Good luck.
Rocket is good people - hunted doves with him several years ago - tremendous experience. By the way, he goes by "Rocket" when you see him.
GOOD FOR YOU!! Red Stag is a beautiful animal, I'd like to "bag" one someday. Take lots of pictures and keep us posted.
Hearing them buggers "roar" is something special to witness. Hope you get a "Royal" with the crowns and everything you want. Good luck!

Good luck bob can not wait to hear about this hunt.
That's gonna be a good time for you both.

Y'all enjoy!
I would like to say I am jealous of all of Bob's hunting! But he hunts so much, I get tired just trying to keep up with him and his trips through AH!!!
Good luck have a great time!
Have fun! Can't wait for a report!
Have a great hunt Bob!
Another thing to add to the bucket list while I still have my health
Best of luck on the great hunt!
Thanks everyone! We're in the National airport ready to board the final leg to Bahia Blanca. Should be in camp this afternoon.

Flew MSP to JFK on Delta, then Aero Argentina to Buenos Aires, very easy process through immigration and customs. MG had a guy waiting with a sign, he drove us from the international airport to the National for the short flight to Bahia Blanca. Out if character for me, but traveling without guns as I booked to last minute to get permits done. Rocket sent pictures of a nice Ruger 300 win mag so I expect to be fine. I own a lot of similar Rugers.
Congrats Bob, wish you the best.

Tell Rocket to cook an "asado" for you :D Cheers:
Congrats Bob, wish you the best.

Tell Rocket to cook an "asado" for you :D Cheers:

With extra peppers, which is just how Bob likes his food.

Right @gizmo ? :cool:
Hello to you all, guys.....Welcome to Argentina Bob......I gonna meet you in camp in a couple hours......ready to chasse stags in the bushes.....looking for a good one...... see you guys.....!!!!!
Good luck. Bob!

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