ARGENTINA: Hunting Mountains Of Patagonia Argentina To The Red Stag

Vadim Zakharov

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Sep 28, 2022
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Hunting reports
It's been almost a year since my hunt from Caza and Safari in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina to the Red Stag. I want to share a brief report about hunting with this company. At the airport of San Carlos de Bariloche we were met by our guide Palito. A very picturesque road to the ranch where we will hunt flew by quickly. Already in the dark we arrived at the ranch, had dinner and went to bed. There were 5 days of hunting ahead. In the morning we had to get up early, have breakfast and go to the mountains, hear the roar of a deer, try to approach it, make a confident shot and get our trophy. For four days we unsuccessfully walked through the surrounding mountains, but we didn’t see or even hear deer, they simply weren’t in this territory. By the end of the third day, I contacted the organizers and expressed my dissatisfaction with this situation. Finally on day 5 we went to another ranch. It was a magnificent place where there were many deer. Even in the darkness, I heard the roar of deer coming from everywhere. At dawn I saw a lot of deer. During the day we managed to observe the animals and get a good trophy. The most interesting thing began after the end of the hunt. Upon returning home, I wrote a letter to the organizers asking them to donate my trophy to the taxidermy studio that I previously worked with to send my trophies. To which the organizer replied that he had transferred my trophy to another taxidermy studio. I demanded that my trophy be taken from there and handed over to where I asked. After that, the organizer stopped communicating, responding to my letters. So I was left without my trophy. I still don't know anything about his fate.
Friends, before contacting the company Caza and Safari to Mr. Jorge Noya, consider my negative experience. Perhaps my hunt was carried out without the appropriate permits, so after my request to transfer the trophy, the organizer disappeared and stopped communicating with me.
Hello Vadim,

Here Federico, we don't have any problem about transfering the trophy to the other exporter. The trophy is ready and the first paperwork is already paid.
Please talk with your exporter so he can talk with our.
The province permit, exportation permit and other are already pay by 6-9-2022 just as the exporter sent to you!

At your disposal.

Dear Federico. Explain to me why my last 7 letters to you regarding the transfer of my trophy to the taxidermy studio that I indicated to you remained unanswered? In order for you to deign to appear in touch, it was necessary to state this whole situation in a hunting report with you? I pointed you to the taxidermy studio where to take my trophy to send it home to me. I did not ask you to draw up any documents. It is not clear to me why my trophy was given to someone without my consent. Or is that how you do it? Once again, I strongly demand that my trophy be handed over to the taxidermy studio, which I indicated to you without any conditions. Otherwise, I will do my best to let all my fellow hunters know about how you treated me.
Hello Vadim,

We work with a exporter for several years, he manage everything about the exportation. We don't have any problem about you choosing other exporter.
The first paperwork, are already paid, and your things are waiting so your exporter can pick it up.
Please contact your exporter to be in touch with mine to organize the pick up.
Dear Federico. You still haven't answered my first two questions. I'm not going to associate anyone with anyone. This is not my task. I wrote you where to transfer my trophy. Do this as I ask you and I will not have any complaints against you. Associating your taxidermist with mine is your problem. Or do you need to explain once again where to transfer my trophy?

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