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Dear all,

As of April 7 2022, the requirements to enter Argentina were updated based on the evolution of the sanitary measures adopted as a result of the pandemic.

Among the new requirements for entering Argentina and the new measures published by the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation on its website

Requirements to enter Argentina

Non-resident foreign:

-Complete the Affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip.

-Present COVID-19 health insurance (Coverage of hospitalization, isolation and/or medical transfer services).

Recommendations for those entering the country

People who have an incomplete vaccination schedule are recommended to undergo a diagnostic test within 24 hours after entering the country.
|| If a positive or suspected case of COVID 19 is detected or reported at the point of entry, the Contingency Plan for that Point of Entry will be activated. ||

Don’t hesitate to get in contact for any queries


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Thanks for keeping us updated. We would like to visit Argentina again
My wife and I are arriving there on Tuesday the 10th. Thanks for the information. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Update: We arrived on Delta 101 on May 10. You have to do the affidavit pre departure and also attest to having insurance that covers covid. Regular screening and passport inspection in EZE. We used our phones to show the completed results, their interest was cursory. No special Covid rules except that they still require masking in public spaces. Bring plenty of masks with you. We pre-coordinated for transportation to Jorge Newberry (domestic airport) for our flight to San Martin de Los Andes, 6 nights 5 days free range hunting in the Andes. It was a successful hunt! Departing Argentina you need a Covid test within 24 hours of departure to US (US requirement). We got our test at Jorge Newberry, $38 US each for 30 minute result. You can get the test at either Newberry (AEP) or Ezeiza (EZE) we chose to do it at Newberry to make sure there was time to test and get the results.

By the way, the feral goat was one of the toughest hunts I've done!
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Thanks for the info! From the smiles, I'd say you had a wonderful trip.
Thanks for the info! From the smiles, I'd say you had a wonderful trip.
I wasn't able to get a fallow deer or multi horned sheep but overall we had a great time. Climbing 1500' over 2.5 miles through mud and snow was arduous and taking a 180 yard shot aiming at a goat facing me at a 50 degree angle made it very exciting and exhausting! I can't wait to go back and try for blackbuck and water buffalo! Like most safaris, we felt like family by the end of the hunt.
Dear Rider717, many thanks for your update.

We are glad that you have enjoyed your visit to Argentina.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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